Advantages and Disadvantages of Cooking at Home

Cooking at home refers to preparing your own food and eating in your own house as opposed to eating foods prepared at fast food joints or even restaurants. Below are merits and demerits of consuming home-cooked meals.


  1. Home cooked meals are nutritious; you have control of the ingredients that go into your meals.
  2. Saves money; homemade foods are usually cheaper than processed foods.
  3. Strengthens family bonds; eating at home allows the family to talk and hence bond together.
  4. Increase knowledge of food; as you cook different meals, you learn the foods that are high in various ingredients.
  5. Portion control; restaurants tend to serve extreme portions sizes something you can avoid with home cooking.
  6. Promotes cleanliness; cooking at home will encourage you to clean and sterilize your kitchen and dinnerware.
  7. Provides an opportunity to train your children on how to prepare various foods
  8. Saves time; provided you plan ahead and you choose the meal that takes a very short time to prepare, home cooking saves time.
  9. Avoid food sensitivities; reducing the danger of allergic reaction is possible when you cook your own foods.
  10. Promotes consciousness of the food you eat; preparing foods ensures you are mindful of what you consume.


  1. You have to spend some time cleaning up afterward.
  2. If a family member expresses dissatisfaction over your food, your confidence can decrease.
  3. Gathering all the ingredients and measuring the exact portion of each can be tiring.
  4. Some cuisines require a huge amount of planning and preparation.
  5. There are recipes that involve the use of techniques that are hard to follow.
  6. Preparing foods for a large number of people can be draining.
  7. Some meals require different ingredients some of which are only available in huge portions
  8. Not everyone can follow the cuisines perfectly and hence may end up with tasteless foods.
  9. It always leaves behind leftovers which you can be tempted to eat soon afterward leading to overeating.
  10. Careless and forgetful individuals can burn the foods.

By Joni Kim