Advantages and Disadvantages of Working Abroad

As people look for greener pastures, working abroad has become a norm. As the name suggests, it is a situation whereby, people move away from their homeland in search of a job. The reason as to why people settle for the option remains a mystery. However, there are high chances that some want the lifestyle. For others, it is earning in foreign currencies. Has that thought crossed your mind? Are you considering working abroad? Before making that decision, this article is a must-read. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of working abroad.

Advantages of Working Abroad

  • Working abroad can improve your living standards.
  • You get to experience various cultures while working abroad.
  • It is a chance of traveling to different parts of the world.
  • As you work abroad, you get to learn new languages.
  • In most cases, earning in foreign countries means getting a lot of money.
  • Working abroad helps people learn how to deal with people of different cultures.
  • Due to the international experience, there are higher chances of not only promotion but also a success.
  • It moves your communication to a whole new level.
  • For some fields, it increases the chances of getting a job if you consider working abroad.
  • If it is the foreign government that needs workers, one gets bonuses as well as allowances.
  • To some extent, it feels like a vacation.
  • It is easy to become a citizen of a new country if you are working abroad.
  • Moving from a developed country to a developing one could lead to a promotion.
  • You get to build new relationships and network.
  • It has helped people to discover themselves.

Disadvantages of working abroad

  • You may need to cough a lot of money for you to start working abroad.
  • There is too much moving which makes settling hard.
  • Loneliness is a common thing when it comes to working abroad.
  • Homesick and missing the loved ones may affect your work.
  • It is a requirement that you learn a foreign language within a short time.
  • Working abroad doesn’t always guarantee you right living conditions.
  • You will not have an opportunity to attend traditional festivals while working abroad.
  • In some places, discrimination is common.
  • You might encounter rude and heartless people while far from home.
  • Some people don’t succeed in embracing the change. As a result, their lives wend up changing for the worst.
  • Working abroad may not always be secure. The reason is that some parts of the world have war issues.
  • You might get lower level jobs.
  • One needs to learn new rules as well as norms.
  • Working abroad doesn’t guarantee you a post similar to the old one back in your motherland.
  • Some people have lost their lives while working abroad.

Final Words

Before deciding on working abroad, you need to think. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of working abroad. Do you want to take the risk? At least the demerits won’t come as a surprise. However, it is a venture worth trying out. You may end up enjoys the merits only.

By Maureen Muriuki