Essay on Technology: Meaning, Advantages and Disadvantages

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Meaning of Technology

The term “Technology” refers to the methods, systems, and applications which are the products of scientific information and inventions used for the benefit of society at large. It also means utilizing scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in Industry.

Some define technology as the application of science, its methods, and material towards achieving industrial and commercial objectives. It can also be defined as the branch of knowledge that involves the creation and use of technical means including engineering, applied science, etc. for practical ends. It can also be used to refer to a collection of techniques.

The word “technology” finds its origin in Greek literature in the word “tekhnologia” where techne means art, skill, and cunning of hand and logia means knowledge or logic. Technological developments have changed the world we live in. It has deeply impacted our lives and continues to do so.

Though there are innumerable advantages that have been brought upon by technology, there are certain ill effects as well. In this article, we will have a look at both the merits and demerits of using technology.

Advantages of Technology

  1. Increasing use of internet and computers has brought education to the fingertips of every interested student. Increased connectivity through phones.
  2. Helps businesses by improving product quality.
  3. Makes lives convenient.
  4. Technology helps create jobs.
  5. Helps in the development of renewable energy sources.
  6. Helps fights hunger through genetically modified foods (GMO).
  7. A major source of entertainment and art in the form of movies, radio, television, video games, etc.
  8. Technology has Enabled us to travel faster and efficiently.
  9. Increases longevity of life through medical advancements.
  10. Makes the world a global village.
  11. Access to information anytime, anywhere.
  12. Helps younger generation to develop research skills.
  13. Helps businesses by increasing production level.
  14. Increases Return On Investment (ROI)

Disadvantages of Technology

  • Weapons of mass destruction pose a grave danger to mankind.
  • Pollutes the environment. It has lead to global warming.
  • Makes us lazy and obese.
  • Privacy infringement.
  • Non-verbal communications have been replaced by verbal communications because of technology.
  • Technology is usually expensive.
  • Can lead to a social divide with minimal social interactions.
  • Needs to be upgraded frequently due to newer inventions and advancements.
  • Automation of jobs leads to unemployment.
  • Fear of data getting hacked, personal information being shared without permission.
  • Encourages cheating and stealing of ideas.
  • Risky experiments may go wrong and lead to a huge loss of lives and money.
  • Technological distractions at workplace affect worker’s productivity.


There is no sure way to ascertain if technology has brought us more good than evil. It is for us to decide whether the proliferation of technology in our daily lives is to be reduced in the current scenario or not?

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Essay 2

Meaning of Technology

Technology is defined as as “the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes”, especially in industry. We make use of technology almost every single moment of each day. We use technology when we type when we move, when we communicate with one another, and even while doing business. Technology has proved to be a vital tool in the growth and development of the human race, and it continues to be. However, it is still capable of having negative effects on society in general. The continued usage of these gadgets without proper control measures being put in place, they can have side effects which are not necessarily in the best interest of the user. Understanding the positive impacts of technology, as well as the negative side effects will help you to enjoy the value of technological advancements and at the same time, avoid letting it impair your natural living style.

Advantages of Technology

In recent times technology occupies a significant role in the list of things that make human life what it is today. It has great significance in our day to day life, regardless of where we live on the planet. From the beginning of the day to the end of it, humans make use of countless devices and gadgets that all contribute to the ease of carrying out activities. Some of these are:

  • Stress reduction: technology has helped to reduce the amount of stress placed on an individual during work. It has made many tasks easier in different areas.
  • Higher profit: technological advances have seen the birth of many tools such as the internet, smartphones, tablets, and social media. All these tools can be put to use to maximise profit margins.
  • Efficient communication: advances in technology have provided us with a multitude of options with which we can keep in touch with friends and family members, and also engage in business deals.
  • Education: the education system has gone through significant changes both on the part of the teacher and for the students as well. New technology like projectors and smart screens make teaching with the chalk and blackboard near obsolete. Not to mention the countless sources of information available on the internet.
  • improved healthcare: inventions such x-ray machines, scanning devices as well as other therapy devices have revolutionized the health sector, allowing people to access health care in a more efficient and effective manner
  • Transportation: automatic cars, electric cars, trains, aircraft, to mention a few, are all advances of technology that allow us to move from one point to another.

Including many others.

Disadvantages of Technology

Even as these advancements in technology may seem infallible, there are many downsides of these inventions. Many of the problems brought about by technology are instantly obvious to an unbiased viewer, other negative side effects are more subtle, and may take a closer examination to find out. All over the world, countless people interact with technology and unknowingly face these side effects each day. Some of these problems include:

  • War: Technological innovations in the forms of weapons of war have proved to be a major negative effect. Guns, tanks, grenades are all widespread products of technology which instead of ending conflicts, increase the amount of damage to life and property caused by such conflicts.
  • Accidents: The more complex and advanced human life becomes, the more things can go wrong. It is true that advances in technology have helped to preserve human life in many ways. However, these same innovations can turn out to be in themselves a threat to human life as many unexpected events involving these inventions occur.
  • Data Security: Improvements in data technology translates to the fact that more and more data can be collected and stored each day. This can be anything from a database of citizens of a country to private information concerning individuals or organizations. In this age, however, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep such data safe.
  • Lastly, and arguably the most notorious side effect of technology is the effect it has on human relationships. It goes without saying that most people today have replaced quality time spent with family members and friends for the virtual world that technology has created. This has helped create a cold, carefree world, where people live without true regard for one another.

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