Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer

A computer is a device that can carry out logical and mathematical operations through a set of programmed instructions. In today’s parlance, the word computer usually means a Personal Computer; that has a central processor, storage capabilities, and input and output devices.

Advantages of Computer

  • Work that is saved on the computer can be easily accessed and used again or edited for new purposes.
  • Upgradable hardware.
  • The final output is seen on the screen while it is being produced. This allows the content creator to check the work.
  • Since the editing is done real time, only the final version needs to be printed reducing the need for paper.
  • Connects to social media easily.
  • While creating content, research can be done right on the computer simultaneously. Sources can be easily cited, and the information inserted.
  • Computers can automate tasks, have recurring calendar items, and reduce menial tasks.
  • A person’s activities can be tracked so a journal or diary of their activities can be accessed by the user.
  • Computers can play a variety of media formats unlike other devices such as TVs.
  • Immersive gaming due to the larger screens and input devices.
  • Faster editing of media due to the powerful processor.
  • Better online shopping.
  • Experience sharing is easier since most controls require a keyboard and mouse.
  • Software availability as most of the world publishers, develop for the computer first.
  • Depreciates slowly as hardware components have a long shelf life.

Disadvantages of Computer

  • Causes wrist pain as people work with the keyboard and mouse.
  • Computers consumes more electricity.
  • Steep learning curve from learning the operating system and the software.
  • Distracting from work since it is easy for social connections to find you.
  • Activities are tracked.
  • Prolonged use causes eye strain.
  • Encourages micro-management as tasks and activities are tracked.
  • Expensive to run and maintain since you have to keep antivirus software updated.
  • You are tied to an operating system which makes it hard to switch platforms.
  • Compromises privacy.
  • Need for updates for hardware and firmware.
  • High Training costs because of the different components that may be upgraded.
  • Desktop machines are not mobile; and while laptops are mobile, they are generally not as easy to use as smartphones.
  • Computers now have limitations when not connected to the internet.


Aside from the fact that they are expensive to run and upgrades are necessary, the use of the computers far outweighs the disadvantages. In a constantly connected world, the computer serves as a gateway and storage facility for all of our experiences. Computer use will continue to grow even as more people consume content on their mobile devices, since to create the content, computers are the more obvious choice.