Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Fast Foods

Fast foods refer to foods made to be available for one’s consumption fast.

They are regarded as cheap home meals alternatives and easily accessible. They are foods that can be prepared and served quickly when needed.

Fast foods are also referred to as take away meals or quick meals accessible in many restaurants. They are foods which require little preparation before being served.

Examples of fast foods may include chips, burgers, pizza and cold drinks.

Advantages of fast foods

  • They save on time as you do not have to cook hence giving you more time to do other things
  • Fast foods save on cost since they are cheaper to buy.
  • There is usually an array of fast foods options you can choose from.
  • There is consistency in their experience and preparation even when you are in a different location.
  • Fast food restaurants provide job opportunities for people.
  • Fast foods are easily accessible as the restaurants are usually in many places.
  • Fast foods offer healthy options among their food such as the organic salad.
  • Some fast food restaurants usually indicate the calorie counts on their menu -hence you can make informed choices.
  • Fast foods usually taste good which many people love.
  • Most fast food restaurants in different places are locally owned and operated hence the food made can be trusted by the customers.
  • Fast foods can be delivered straight to your house and some even have drive-through windows hence are very convenient.
  • Fast foods can be served exactly according to a customer’s specific preferences and order.
  • Some fast foods are able to meet the current dietary requirements of people.
  • Fast food consumption helps to support the local business owners.
  • Fast foods can also help put your self-control and decision-making skills to the test and hence help you manage the amount and type of food you eat in a healthy way.

Disadvantages of fast foods

  • Fast foods might increase medical costs among many families.
  • Foods offered have addictive attributes.
  • Fast foods can cause liver damage due to the high fat level.
  • When other factors are added, Fast foods are not always cheaper and can be expensive in the long run.
  • Fast food restaurants offer foods low in quality compared to other places.
  • Fast foods may encourage people to abandon their diet plans.
  • It may be difficult to find fast food items which are fresh.
  • It is difficult to know the contents inside the food you are eating.
  • Eating fast foods can minimize the time you have to socialize with other people.
  • The healthy options offered are usually not that healthy.
  • The calorie contents may vary across different fast food restaurants hence you may end up taking is more than you daily recommended intake.
  • Fast foods may in the long run limit your ability to perform certain physical tasks.
  • Fast foods can lead to cardiovascular diseases due to the high sodium levels.
  • Fast food consumption has negative impact on the environment as the resources which are used to make the fast foods create a shortage in resources in the world.
  • Fast foods cause obesity due to their high levels of fats.


Fast foods can be quite detrimental to your health despite being fast and convenient.

You should be able to limit your consumption of fast foods to the right level so as to remain healthy and productive.

Try as much as possible to be cooking food at home as they are healthier.

By: Darlia