Essay on Advantages of Being a Teacher

As a teacher, you get to play a significant role in nurturing basic learning techniques in children. You instill useful morals, integrity and, yet enrich our minds by teaching us not through books alone but also life lessons. The work of an educator is inspiring and fruitful. This role gives you the opportunity to connect with analytical young brains and bring a positive impact in our lives.

Teaching is referred to as a “noble profession” because of the effect you as a schoolteacher has on us when we become tomorrow’s leaders. It is noble because of the challenges you deal with on a daily basis. As an instructor, you gain more knowledge about your subject as you continue teaching. A good teacher naturally believes in the potential of his students in educational growth. The creative ways of teaching and the dedication you show us is remarkable.

Advantages of being a teacher

  • You become a public figure to many. You are continuously looked upon because you hold a high standard.
  • A sense of accomplishment when your students excel in different concepts.
  • Long recess. You get to have a month long break during vacations.
  • The good friendships you built with fellow teachers and staff.
  • Job availability. With our population multiplying, there are high demands for teachers.
  • A pension scheme for teachers working in public schools.
  • You have the freedom to choose how to teach your students. Consolidate positive changes that you wished was present during your time as a student.
  • You help your pupils to cultivate social skills, how to connect with people and, to learn how to express themselves.
  • Another added advantage is that you get the opportunity to watch your students grow.
  • There is room for scholarships and teaching programs that stand to benefit you.
  • You have a favorable circumstance to share your passion and skill.
  • Transform the future of education. You have the power to impact the future study of education.
  • In every new school year, you have a fresh start with various charms and objections.
  • You assist students in developing essential reading, writing and, speaking skills.

You need to have the zeal for teaching for you to become a teacher. This profession is more than just a job and instead who you are as a person. The bonds that you form with your students tend to last a lifetime.

By Sheila Karuku.