Essay on Electronic Gadgets: Meaning, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Electronic Gadgets – Meaning

Electronic gadgets are specialized electronic devices that require a form of electric power to operate. Examples of these gadgets are video games, television, computers, PSP games, phone apps, mobile phones, and tablets. These devices are results of invention and technological developments.

Young people and children tend are active consumers and users of most
electronic devices. Consequently, most electro0nic devices are targeted at
these age brackets.

Some of these devices play a vital role in the education fields, enhancing the skills and knowledge of students. It also helps studentsimprove their teaching strategies.

However, just like many other inventions, the devices have their drawback as well, particularly if their use is not controlled. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of using electronic

Advantages of Electronic Gadgets

  • Electronic devices help children younger than preschool age to arouse the senses, improve listening abilities and imagination.
  • The devices (games in particular) encourage cognitive learning and enhance the development of analytical skills.
  • The use of computers and phones has greatly improved communication. It allows users several miles apart to communicate and share
    information in real time.
  • The gadgets can help sharpen innovative abilities, innovation skills, creativity and strategic thinking in young children.
  • Using computers has been found to increase manual dexterity and increase computer literacy regardless of the age of the user.
  • The gadgets promote independent learning; it enables students to learn without the input of teachers or parents.
  • Using electronic gadgets, teachers can create exciting educational atmospheres that stimulate and enhance learning.
  • They speed up work; what would otherwise be a lengthy documentation task can be completed in a short time when computers are
  • Brings people together; with a simple computer, internet access and a mi8crophone meetings can be held in any location.
  • Reduces cost of starting businesses; websites can work like virtual stores where consumers can order products.
  • Reduces life risks; tasks that involve working in risky situations can now be handled by robots lowering dangers to human life.
  • Increase ability. Tiny vacuum cleaners can access and clean areas that human beings cannot access.
  • Mastering different computer games build confidence, increase accuracy and improve hand-eye coordination.
  • Auto-pilot allows the training of pilots in real-life situations ensuring that fatal accidents are not caused by trainees.
  • Certain intensive games have been found to develop engineering and mathematics skills.

Disadvantages of Electronic Gadgets

  • Children waste time they would use to study on the devices.
  • Playing violent games can make children become more aggressive.
  • Addiction to electronic devices leads to a sedentary lifestyle and poor time management.
  • Reduce social fabrics; instead of people socializing they immerse themselves in electronic gadgets.
  • Some electronic devices accidentally breakdown, causing catastrophic loss of human life.
  • Excessive use of modern means of transport reduces exercise leading to lifestyle diseases.
  • The devices are not biodegradable and as such cause land and water pollution.
  • Some devices emit dangerous electromagnetic rays that can cause fatal diseases.
  • Increase electricity usage and hence the amount of money spent on utility bills.
  • Video games require immobility and hence contribute to the rise in childhood obesity.
  • When electronic wastes are burned, they release toxic substances into the air.
  • Heavily relying on spell checkers makes certain individuals misspell words.
  • Increase dependence on electricity because all electronic devices require electric energy.
  • Contribute to cyber-crime and exposure of underage children to explicit content.
  • They eradicate certain industries that require manual trading and exchange of goods and services.


The invention and subsequent widespread use of electronic
devices of ever increasing variability and difficulty open a whole new panorama
of human ability. Their use, nonetheless, needs to be controlled to avoid the
above drawbacks.

By: Joni Kim