Essay on Friendship: Advantages and Disadvantages of Friendship

When you are in trouble, that first person you desire so much to call is a friend. Does that ring a bell? How about when you have made an achievement and you want the perfect party?

Friendship is the basic nature of humans that makes them humane and of high integral value.

It is what human relations are based on; after all, what is life without a hint of friendliness.

Friendship refers to the emotional state of being between people in a way it results in mutual trust and support between them.

For very close relationship there are always pros and cons that come with it.

Advantages of friendship

  1. Friendship provides reliance that acts as an alternative to the norm of fight-or-flight response to stress and disagreement.
  2. It provides a reality check every now and then.
  3. Friendship provides a feeling of safety and belonging
  4. Friendship is a stepping stone during hard times
  5. Friends keep us on the right lane by telling stuff done wrong as they are
  6. They give you a place in the world to be yourself without ridicule or scrutiny
  7. Friendship is a form of entertainment in one’s life
  8. Friendships boost our interaction with others
  9. Friends assist us in decision making
  10. Friendship provides a platform of inspiration
  11. Friends give us boldness when we feel shy/awkward about something
  12. They are a source of networking
  13. They provide both social and financial support
  14. Friends are a source of advice
  15. Friends boost our self-esteem when they are around

Disadvantages of friendship

  1. There is a chance for of negative judgment should you not fit in
  2. It provides an avenue for bullying ignorance and hassle should fights occur because of their close knowledge of you.
  3. Some friendships allow you to be bullied, teased and your reputation ruined behind your back
  4. The difference in values when it comes to friendship may result in aggressiveness and hostility
  5. When there is a fight within the friendship circle, depression can be caused
  6. Being abandoned by a friend can cause a total destruction to your life
  7. Some friends can squander your money
  8. Having too many friends wastes your time because of trying to give each an attention
  9. Friendship may lead to over-reliance which sometimes can be disappointing
  10. Friends can make you be the one to be blamed in case of any problem
  11. Some friends are not loyal hence they can betray you
  12. Friendship can be a source of peer pressure
  13. Some friends may lead you to make the wrong choices in life
  14. Friendship can be a source of unhealthy competition
  15. Having non-ambitious friends will limit your potential


Friendship is a very important aspect of human life. Often we will get caught between the turmoil and happy places of friendship, but it is up to us to know how to handle it.

See, friendship is not a bed of roses, but it is also not a war zone.

The moment we get the clear boundary between on knowing when you chase friendship and when to back off, we will be able to get the best side of friendship.

By Christopher.