Essay on Joint Family: Advantages and Disadvantages of Joint Family

Joint family refers to a type of family structure or system where the whole extended family lives together under the same roof. The extended family will include the grandparents, the mother, the father, the uncles, aunties and their children. In short more than one generation lives in the house together. Even after marriage they still live together with the other family members and their children.

Advantages of joint family

  • Where certain members are economically burdened the other family members are required to step up and share the burden hence the principle of fair economy.
  • It reduces discrimination among children or members due to another person not being a full family member.
  • The basic requirements of every family member are always taken care of.
  •  Joint families ensure that there is discipline among the younger generation.
  • A joint family creates a strong bond between the families and hence will be able to face any difficulties without fear.
  • It incorporates all the family members regardless of age or situation as the old are respected and taken care of.
  • During festivities the happiness is doubled and during times of sorrow the sadness is lessened.
  • A joint family reduces feelings of stress and depression.
  • From a joint family one is able to learn a lot from the many experiences of uncles and aunts.
  • You are able to get unbounded love from all the uncles and aunts within the family.
  • A joint family helps a new member to learn how to adjust to the members of that family and their nature.
  • A joint family usually has great and enjoyable outings.
  • A joint family enables one to appreciate the culture and values of their family or community.
  • In a joint family usually a variety of foods are cooked and so you get to choose your favorite.
  • There is division of labor and hence more time is saved as tasks are shared among family members.

Disadvantages of joint family

  • A joint family usually lacks flexibility or changes of decisions as it is controlled by the family head.
  • The family members earning a lot of money usually insult those who earn less in some joint families.
  • Some joint families have lazy members who just depend on the hard work of the other members and hence can be very discouraging to those who put in a lot of work.
  • Property related conflicts will usually develop in a case where the family disintegrates.
  • Some members within the family usually exploit the innocent ones and torture them.
  • There is uncontrolled birth of children as the family knows the other members will always take care of their children.
  • Development of mutual love and affection can be difficult to achieve as there are a lot of members of different families.
  • The common property is usually looked after by no one hence worsening their conditions.
  • It encourages some spend thrift members as they know the expenses will be shared.
  • The privacy one might require is very limited.
  • The generational gaps usually lead to disunity.
  • Women will always be tasked with house chores hence wasting their talents.
  • Conflicts will always arise among men and women and the young and old due to diverse temperaments.
  • A joint family makes the study environment of the children difficult as they will spend most of their time playing.
  • Joint family usually brings about jealousy as not everyone is the same.


A joint family usually brings about the spirit of oneness and harmony however the most important thing to consider is how people understand each other.

The number of members in the family will not matter unless the family members understand each other and hence will be able to live with each other in peace and unity.

By: Christopher.