Essay on Literacy – Meaning and Importance

Meaning of Literacy

A person who is at least 7 years of age and is able to read, write and speak any one language is said to be literate.

Literacy is defined as the capability of the citizens of a country to decipher written texts, distinguish spoken words and communicate in a language with the fellow people who understand the language.

In many descriptions, literacy is termed as mere ability to read and write. But this is not widely accepted and is discarded in today’s modern world of technology.

Literacy is also defined as one’s precision to decode the printed and written words (Braille in case of Blind people) with proper coherence, pronounce letters clearly and compute basic operations skillfully.

Literacy is defined as the embedded decent functioning of an individual and his/her interaction with the surroundings, fellow beings and superiority to handle objects in environment.

Importance of Literacy

  • Basic literacy is useful for any organization, the individual would work for.
  • Literate citizens prove to be assets for any country they reside in.
  • Making a person literate would not only help him in decision making but also improve his dignity in the society.
  • Literacy helps an individual to make proper decisions which ultimately helps him grow personally in life.
  • A literate person can work efficiently which would ultimately contribute to the GDP of the country.
  • Literacy improves the standard of living of people by getting him/her higher pay and better jobs.
  • Literacy can reduce crime rates by providing the ability to distinguish between what is wrong and what is right.
  • It brings awareness in people regarding various beneficial schemes launched by government.
  • Education and literacy provides everyone with equal opportunities, equal dignity and hence it promotes equality.
  • Literacy instills a sense of confidence among masses, a confidence to fight for their rights.
  • Education and literacy is an effective way to flourish peace in the world.
  • Poverty reduction can be easily facilitated by imparting proper education and making the masses literate.
  • Literacy reduces negativity and improves understanding among huge populated citizens.
  • Educated and literate people are capable of maintaining proper hygiene which would facilitate better health conditions.
  • It enables adult to utilize their full potential and improve their career prospects.

By Sanjay.