Essay on Sports: Its Meaning, and Benefits


Are you someone who has always loved a friendly game of competition? Has sports been a part of your form of entertainment for years? Then, maybe knowing more about the advantages you can get from being involved in a sport will help you with making the decision on if you want to play one of your favorite sports.

However, first you must know the meaning of sports.

  • Many know sports as an activity that involves physical exertion which takes place with an individual or team who competes against another or others for entertainment.
  • Another definition that has been given to this fun type of entertainment, is an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess with a competitive nature in such sports as racing, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, basketball, hunting, football, and many other sports that provides competition between two parties.
  • Some have defined sports as a game or competition or activity that needs physical effort and skill to be played or done according to rules, whether it be for enjoyment or for a job.
  • Many sports lovers have gone on to define sports as competitive leisure activities that require skill and physical effort.
  • However, a lot of sports lovers have defined has to fans, sports, as a group of games or individual activities that involves physical activities and skills.

Whatever the meaning of sports has to fans who love to watch, it can take on a whole new meaning if you decide to participate as a competitor in a sport.


If you do decide to take up a leisure activity, then knowing the advantages of being an active sports player would be beneficial to you. Some of these benefits include:

  • Better weight management
  • Lowers hypertension
  • Stronger bones
  • Better self-esteem
  • Tone Muscles
  • You will have a healthier heart
  • Playing makes you more mentally alert
  • Teamwork is valued more
  • Becoming better with problem-solving
  • Rules and structure are given when playing sports
  • You will become more organized
  • You will have better goals and expectations
  • Better attitude
  • You will gain satisfaction in the development of your fitness skills
  • A great way to fight depression and anxiety

With this time taken to play sports, you will find that the advantages of being an active team player is great. You will find a new love in sports with the realization of the advantages and benefits of playing.

Leatra Hernandez