Essay on Teamwork: Meaning, Advantages and Disadvantages

Meaning of Teamwork

Teamwork is a group of independent persons working towards a common objective. The coordination and combined efforts to complete projects efficiently and effectively are high. For teamwork to succeed, you are required to have a competent team size of about six to eight people with specific aspects of the team members.

Advantages of Teamwork

  • Teamwork improves every aspect of its performance productively in an organization despite the size.
  • The level of expertise, creativity, and morale is high.
  • Getting results in a wide range of possible solutions is faster.
  • You get to experience mutual goals with your team members.
  • Working as a team produces innovative, accurate and, practical solutions.
  • Teamwork produces better results when working effectively.
  • It restores a broader sense of ownership of the organization both individually and collectively.
  • Workers tend to get better at sharing knowledge.
  • Its members can better imply an organization’s outcome of decisions.
  • Complicated problems are dealt with effectively.
  • It takes a shorter time to solve problems.
  • You get to discover more about yourself.
  • Communication improves significantly with good teamwork.
  • You hold one another accountable.
  • You can plan and manage your time well.

Disadvantages of Teamwork

  • Majority of the processes can be time-consuming and require adequate resources.
  • Due to contrasting approaches and styles, team members are bound to clash at some point.
  • There can be unequal cooperation and involvement among the members.
  • You may find that you work best alone than with a team.
  • The rate of competition is high among workers.
  • Peer pressure is immense for fear of getting mocked.
  • It can take a long time setting up a team.
  • A trend of criticism and blame game can be quite common.
  • It is challenging to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of particular workers.
  • Communication mishaps can result to trust issues with members.
  • Regular meetings must be organized, managed and, have an agenda to avoid having a social gathering instead.
  • Division of the group to a subgroup can dissolve the whole team.
  • As a team leader, you play a significant part in either making or breaking of a team.
  • An overbearing team leader takes all the merits.
  • There can be a loss of creativity in some members.

You are therefore not guaranteed that with teamwork your goals will be attained. Do your best and ensure that your team has what is required to avoid fallout.

By Sheila Karuku.