Essay on The Benefits of Eating Healthy

Is eating a healthy meal a top priority that takes charge of your day? Or do you find yourself becoming more health conscious about what is put inside of your body? Some people who are wanting to lean more towards eating healthy may not know the benefits or advantages of being more food conscious.

While some health conscious people may feel that becoming a vegan is necessary to be healthy, others feel that with eating more fruits and vegetables, they will be on the path to being a better health conscious person.

However, knowing what it means to eat healthy is just as important as eating healthy. Some would describe eating healthy as eating a variety of foods needed to maintain health and feeling good as well as having energy. A lot of people who hope to be better at eating healthy, acknowledges it as eating a variety of foods from the four food groups and maintaining good health.

Many have described eating healthy as consuming nutrient-dense foods in measured quantities from all of the food groups. A lot of people believe that eating cautiously involves an eating plan that will help you manage your weight by taking in a variety of food.

Healthy eating has also been described as a pattern of eating that contributes to the best possible health through positive relationships with food as well as balancing food choices with a person’s needs. With the knowledge of knowing the importance of eating healthy, you will be on a journey of having a better relationship with food before you know it.

Although there are many different kinds of food that will help you on your journey of being in the best possible health, there are many other benefits to eating healthy. Some of these benefits are:

  • Having a reduced risk of heart disease, including heart attack and stroke
  • Being protected from certain cancers
  • Having reduced chances of getting type 2 diabetes or becoming obese
  • Having a reduced risk of developing kidney stones or decreased bone loss
  • Having lower calorie intake
  • Helping with maintained weight control
  • Boosting energy

With all of the benefits of eating healthy, why not try out that new fruit or vegetable you have always been curious about? With your newfound taste in healthy food, you may find that eating healthy is what has been missing in your life. Trying foods from all of the food groups will broaden your mind and taste if you are trying to find something new to eat.

Leatra Hernandez