Essay on Uses of Water

We all know the fact that life on the planet Earth needs water – not only to survive but also to enrich. We as humans require water every day for our day to day activities like drinking, cooking, bathing and cleaning and so on. Water is also required to keep the environment clean. Not only humans, but plants, animals, birds and insects too require water to survive. The uses of water cannot be explained in brief and hence let us see what they are in detail.

The availability of water has always played an important role when people had to decide where to live and how to live. In simpler terms, it can be said that water affects the quality of our life.

Listed below are a few uses of water

  1. Fresh water is required in hotels, and a number of other commercial facilities like offices, motels and military institutions too for drinking as well as cleaning purposes.
  2. Water is used for cooking in not just homes, but also hotels. You can use water to poach, rinse, soak, cook, steam and even thaw food.
  3. Did you know water is used steam-clean your dirty rugs at home?
  4. Water can be used to make curd, whey, and almond milk.
  5. Water is used in refineries to refine sugar and even distill essential oils.
  6. Apart from being extensively used for bathing, washing of clothes, water is also used to water gardens and lawns.
  7. Water finds use in the making of beauty products too. It is used to make shampoos, conditioners, soap and even laundry detergent.
  8. Water is a very valuable resource for the industries across the nation. A number of manufacturing units make use of water in the process of dilution or cooling, in transportation, cleaning and processing.
  9. Water is also applied artificially to various fruit farms, horticultural crops, and for the irrigation pastures.
  10. Water is also used to protect the farms from frost and freezing and from drought. Water is also required in the process of chemical application, harvesting and also plays a vital role in crop cooling.
  11. Water is also required for the proper maintenance of fish farms, dairies and in various other non-farm needs. Water is also required in the production of red meat, milk, poultry and wool. It is also important to note that livestock only requires fresh water.
  12. Water is necessary for the efficient functioning of the mining sector. About 32% of water used in this sector is saline water and it is also used in the extraction of natural gases, crude and petroleum and iron ores.
  13. You will find that water is used in your house’s HVAC system too. It is used to heat and cool your house.
  14. Dentists use water to rinse patient’s mouths.
  15. Water is also used to pop pills, make saline solutions and even various liquid medications.
  16. Water is used by fire fighters to extinguish fires and thereby save lives and property.
  17. Water is used in amusement park rides and even in your backyard swimming pool.
  18. This wonder liquid is employed to lubricate the saw when cutting tiles and rocks.
  19. Water is used to turn large turbines in mills that make flour.
  20. Water is one of the main cooling agents in your car’s engine.

Apart from the above mentioned, water is used in almost every sector. But with the growing population and the environmental changes, water is becoming scarce. So, let’s get water wise and use water efficiently so that we have plenty of it for future use.

Maanasi Radhakrishnan