Essay on Books – Meaning and Importance

Meaning of Books

Books are Magic! While a book to many, is nothing but a bunch of papers sewn together with a fancy cover, it is a lot more than that! Books are a wealth of information and a window to the world. Books are, undeniably, one of the very best inventions of man. It helps chronicle, events, information and even acts as a form of entertainment! There are various other definitions of the book and let us see what they are.

Varied Definitions of a Book

  • A written or a printed work that can be fiction or nonfiction fastened together using covers.
  • Blanked or ruled paper sheets that are properly bound together to record information.
  • A book is an object that provides readers with knowledge.
  • A set of sheets of paper, written or unwritten bound together with a front and a back cover.
  • A number of paper pieces fastened together.

The above mentioned are just some of the definitions of “books”. Let us now learn about the importance of the same.

Importance of Books

  1. Books are filled with information and thus provide knowledge.
  2. Books provide us with an insight into a happy life, teaching us a number of valuable life lessons.
  3. A good book can provide you with the best advice when in need and help you face your fears.
  4. You can expose yourself to all things new when you read a good book. Gain new ideas and get access to new information. You can let your imagination run wild and enjoy a few good laughs!
  5. Reading a good book can help you find a hobby you love. And, who knows, maybe someday you will see yourself as a great painter or cartoonist! The options are limitless!
  6. Reading a book can help you understand the world better. There is no dearth of books on Geography that will take you on a tour of the entire world, without having to step out of your homely abode.
  7. Books can be your best friend and first step towards self-improvement. When in doubt, books can aid in taking better decisions.
  8. Your book can even act as your pillow when you need a quick nap!
  9. Did you ever know that you can improve the imagination and creativity by reading books? Yes, you can!
  10. A number of studies have shown that books help reduce stress and all you need to do every day is to read a good book in silence.
  11. When you read a book, you tend to think and this, in turn, increases your memory.
  12. Books open a Pandora of entertainment to all age groups.
  13. Books increase self-confidence and all this happens as you gain knowledge.
  14. Books increase focus and concentration and also alma matter!
  15. Books help us to feel, love and emote. They make us better human beings.

A book is a treasure trove of knowledge and there is no good or bad book. There is something to learn from just about every book that has ever been printed. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a book today and take the very first step towards the path of enlightenment.

Maanasi Radhakrishnan