Air Transportation: Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Transportation

Have you ever wondered what makes air transportation so popular? How about what it means to travel by air? Well, once you make the decision to travel, by air, which is when local airports offer air transportation to a central airport, where long distance flights are available, you will be able to weigh out the pros and cons of air transportation.

Advantages of Air Transportation

If traveling or transporting things by air transportation is something that you have considered, then knowing the advantages are helpful. Some of these advantages include:

  • Provides tourist towns with improved living standards through tourism.
  • It is the safest way to travel.
  • It is the fastest way to travel.
  • Provides the only means of transport in remote areas.
  • Broadens leisure and cultural experiences for travellers.
  • Provides a choice of various holiday destinations.
  • Provides jobs.
  • Increases revenues from taxes.
  • Fosters the conservation of protected areas.
  • Delivers emergency needs anywhere on earth.
  • Fast way to medical supplies or organs for organ transplants.
  • Contributes to the advancement of modern society.
  • Productivity across the global economy is boosted by using air transport.
  • World trade is facilitated by air transport.
  • Provides consumer welfare benefits to individuals.

Disadvantages of Air Transportation

While there may significant pros to air transport, there are also many disadvantages to using this mode of transportation. Some of these disadvantages include:

  • Operational costs being too high.
  • Huge investments are required for the development of aviation facilities
  • There are size limitations on cargo when transporting
  • Lost baggage if traveling
  • Flight delays
  • Depending on the weather, air transport can be unreliable
  • There is a huge amount of investment for the skilled and experienced professionals
  • There many legal restrictions that must be followed in various countries
  • Not good for cheap or bulky goods
  • Only costly goods of small quantity can be carried by air
  • Flights are more likely to be canceled if the weather conditions are poor.

Whether you are interested in flying or knowing the pros and cons of goods being transported by air, you will have the opportunity to see both sides of what makes air transport bad as well as good when getting ready to make plans to use this mode of transportation.

Leatra Hernandez