Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Hobby


Having a hobby means having a regular activity that you do for pleasure during your pleasure time. There are different types of hobbies such as painting, listening to music, playing sports, creative writing, blogging, fishing keeping and singing. Some people claim that participating in
a hobby is beneficial while others disagree claiming it wastes time. Below are both advantages and disadvantages of having a hobby.

Advantages of Having a Hobby

  • Hobbies promote eustress (The positive kind of tress) which in turn makes you productive.
  • They provide a perfect outlet to challenge oneself without suffering from stress that characterizes work-related challenges.
  • Engaging in a leisure activity exposes you to a new world of individuals who enjoy participating in the same activity.
  • It provides an avenue to release stress because when you focus on a non-work related activity.
  • Hobbies provide a great way to break from our otherwise extremely daily busy lives without losing a purpose.
  • Hobbies particularly those involving physical activity have physical health benefits.
  • Engaging in leisure activities save you from idleness that leads to engaging in unhealthy activities and decadent behaviors.
  • They can improve your career as it shows employers that you have passion and self-drive to do something with your free time.
  • Leisure activities can provide extra income because some like singing has monetary value and hence generate income.
  • They can grow you spiritually. Doing something that inspires and recharges you nourishes your soul.
  • Research has found that hobbies build self-esteem and enhances self-confidence that will help you achieve your dreams.
  • Nurturing a new hobby can help you develop your dream character because it exposes you to new ideas and a new circle of friends,
  • Mentally intensive leisure activities like learning computer coding and playing chess give your brain a great workout.
  • Hobbies improve sleep. Engaging in a relaxing activity before going to bed slows down your heartbeat enhancing sleep.
  • They also help you develop patience because as you learn how to practice the hobby, the learning curve will require patience.

Disadvantages of Having a Hobby

  • Playing video games may lead to addiction which is counterproductive for school-going children.
  • They can serve as a procrastination tool making you delay doing an urgent activity.
  • Hobbies have been found to provide an avenue to “escape reality” and not deal with personal problems.
  • One may end up focusing on hobbies more than income generating activities.
  • When you become immersed in your hobby, you may end up isolating yourself from loved ones.
  • Some hobbies like computer games can give you false expectations in life.
  • Certain aggressive smartphone games can make young people become violent.
  • Concentrating on a hobby while traveling by public means can make you forget to alight at the right destination.
  • Engaging in hobbies that involve sitting before a computer screen for a long period of time can cause eye problems.
  • The obsession with leisure activities can prevent people from doing physical exercise leading to obesity.
  • People who have hobbies may not venture too far into other important activities.
  • Some hobbies require expensive equipment thus draining the financial resources of families.
  • Hobbies like hunting lead to the destruction of wildlife and hence loss of biodiversity.
  • People who get excessively immersed in hobbies can forget to eat resulting in poor health.


Having a hobby plays a crucial role in improving one’s life.
It breaks the work-related boredom, reduces stress and much more. However, if
you overdo it, it can lead to the above disadvantages.

By: Joni Kim

Essay on Electronic Gadgets: Meaning, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Electronic Gadgets – Meaning

Electronic gadgets are specialized electronic devices that require a form of electric power to operate. Examples of these gadgets are video games, television, computers, PSP games, phone apps, mobile phones, and tablets. These devices are results of invention and technological developments.

Young people and children tend are active consumers and users of most
electronic devices. Consequently, most electro0nic devices are targeted at
these age brackets.

Some of these devices play a vital role in the education fields, enhancing the skills and knowledge of students. It also helps studentsimprove their teaching strategies.

However, just like many other inventions, the devices have their drawback as well, particularly if their use is not controlled. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of using electronic

Advantages of Electronic Gadgets

  • Electronic devices help children younger than preschool age to arouse the senses, improve listening abilities and imagination.
  • The devices (games in particular) encourage cognitive learning and enhance the development of analytical skills.
  • The use of computers and phones has greatly improved communication. It allows users several miles apart to communicate and share
    information in real time.
  • The gadgets can help sharpen innovative abilities, innovation skills, creativity and strategic thinking in young children.
  • Using computers has been found to increase manual dexterity and increase computer literacy regardless of the age of the user.
  • The gadgets promote independent learning; it enables students to learn without the input of teachers or parents.
  • Using electronic gadgets, teachers can create exciting educational atmospheres that stimulate and enhance learning.
  • They speed up work; what would otherwise be a lengthy documentation task can be completed in a short time when computers are
  • Brings people together; with a simple computer, internet access and a mi8crophone meetings can be held in any location.
  • Reduces cost of starting businesses; websites can work like virtual stores where consumers can order products.
  • Reduces life risks; tasks that involve working in risky situations can now be handled by robots lowering dangers to human life.
  • Increase ability. Tiny vacuum cleaners can access and clean areas that human beings cannot access.
  • Mastering different computer games build confidence, increase accuracy and improve hand-eye coordination.
  • Auto-pilot allows the training of pilots in real-life situations ensuring that fatal accidents are not caused by trainees.
  • Certain intensive games have been found to develop engineering and mathematics skills.

Disadvantages of Electronic Gadgets

  • Children waste time they would use to study on the devices.
  • Playing violent games can make children become more aggressive.
  • Addiction to electronic devices leads to a sedentary lifestyle and poor time management.
  • Reduce social fabrics; instead of people socializing they immerse themselves in electronic gadgets.
  • Some electronic devices accidentally breakdown, causing catastrophic loss of human life.
  • Excessive use of modern means of transport reduces exercise leading to lifestyle diseases.
  • The devices are not biodegradable and as such cause land and water pollution.
  • Some devices emit dangerous electromagnetic rays that can cause fatal diseases.
  • Increase electricity usage and hence the amount of money spent on utility bills.
  • Video games require immobility and hence contribute to the rise in childhood obesity.
  • When electronic wastes are burned, they release toxic substances into the air.
  • Heavily relying on spell checkers makes certain individuals misspell words.
  • Increase dependence on electricity because all electronic devices require electric energy.
  • Contribute to cyber-crime and exposure of underage children to explicit content.
  • They eradicate certain industries that require manual trading and exchange of goods and services.


The invention and subsequent widespread use of electronic
devices of ever increasing variability and difficulty open a whole new panorama
of human ability. Their use, nonetheless, needs to be controlled to avoid the
above drawbacks.

By: Joni Kim

Essay on Public Transport: Advantages and Disadvantages of Public Transport

Public transport refers to the forms of transport that are available to the public. Examples include buses, trains, and pooled means.

These forms of transport charged set fares that depend on the distance of
travel and run on fixed routes. Compared to using personal cars for transport
from one place to another, public transport has advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Public Transport

  • Public Transport benefits the entire community financially. For every coin invested in this form of transport a lot of money in economic returns are generated.
  • Public Transport reduces air pollution. Since it moves very many people on one vehicle, it produces substantially less air pollution per passenger compared to other means.
  • It increases fuel efficiency per passenger per mile reducing the overall energy required for transportation.
  • Public transport ferry many more people into a small space compared to individual automobiles and hence reduce traffic congestion.
  • It is the only means in certain areas like the central business district of most urban centers.
  • It allows people who cannot afford to buy their personal cars to get to school, work, grocery or even hospital.
  • Since one person is driving, this means of transport frees up a significant amount of time and attention for riders.
  • It eliminates the need to identify and pay for parking spaces at the various destinations.
  • It is a lot safer than other means because the vehicles must meet high safety standards to be used for public transport.
  • It encourages healthier lifestyles for passengers to get a higher amount of physical activity on a daily basis than those who don’t.
  • It reduces the amount of time spent on maintenance and servicing of the personal vehicle.
  • Since public transport follows fixed time schedules a user can easily predict his or her arrival time.
  • It provides an opportunity to make new friends, especially when traveling over long distances.
  • The vehicles used for this mode of transport have adequate, safe and secure compartments dedicated to carrying luggage.
  • Riders get ample time to engage in their favorite hobby like reading novels and playing computer games.

Disadvantages of Public Transport

  • Public transport can be slower than traveling using your personal car due to strongly prescribed speed limits.
  • Public transportation may not stop at the precise address that a passenger is traveling to forcing them to look for additional means.
  • The fixed schedules that public transport follows may not mesh precisely with the travel demands of some users.
  • Privacy is compromised a great deal. Travelers are crowded and personal space may not be available.
  • Since space is limited, this means is inappropriate for some errands like traveling with children with special needs.
  • If special hygiene is not practiced, passengers can contract some communicable diseases due to the limited space.
  • Breakdown of public transport vehicles can lead to huge loss of time for a large number of people.
  • Most vehicles used for this means are not modified to suit people with disabilities.
  • It has a low level of comfort. Public transportation is more comfortable to seat in a personal vehicle than in a public service vehicle.
  • Prices of public transport vary from time to time and predicting the money necessary for a given period is difficult.
  • Irate, noisy and talkative passengers can give a hard time to their possibly busy co-passengers.
  • Some public transport crews play too loud music forcing the passenger to should to signal the driver to stop.
  • Should a passenger forget a valuable item in a public transport vehicle chances of recovering it are minimal.
  • It is not flexible because, if there is a sudden change of plan, a traveler must wait until the next stage to alight.


While it is good for the environment and the economy, public
transport has its disadvantages as well. The fixed schedules mean it does not
suit certain purposes. It is important to weigh the benefits vis-à-vis
disadvantages when deciding the means that best suits a given function.

By: Joni Kim

Essay on Online Learning: Meaning, Advantages and Disadvantages

Meaning of Online Learning

Online Learning refers to acquiring knowledge remotely by use of electronic devices, the internet and communication channels.

Examples of online learning platforms include video conferencing, virtual meeting and via

The use of any particular mode depends on factors such as availability, the presence of the necessary infrastructure and the associated costs. It eliminates the need to travel to a learning venue. Consequently, it has advantages over conventional learning. However, since there is no close proximity between the teacher and the students online learning also has its
disadvantages. Read on.

Advantages of Online Learning

  1. The fact there is no need to travel means both the student and the teacher save time.
  2. Online learning is flexible. A student can learn wherever and whenever he or she likes; in the morning at night or even during work breaks.
  3. Since it usually includes videos complete with attractive screen technology, music, and
    high-tech graphics.
  4. It is very effective because a student can finish homework fast and use the remaining time
    on other activities like practicing their hobbies.
  5. It helps cultivate attributes of self-discipline and responsibility in students.
  6. A student can speed up easy recorded parts and slow the sections they feel they need more
    time to understand.
  7. Online learning provides an opportunity for students to discuss issues with other students from all over the world.
  8. Students have many options when choosing the devices they would like to use such as tablets, computers, smartphones, and laptops.
  9. It is the only alternative for individuals who do not have regular time periods during which
    they can learn.
  10. Online learning is a very mobile method; learning can be done on the train, on a plane or on
    any other time that would ordinarily be wasted.
  11. It costs significantly lower than conventional learning. There are no travel costs and
    you can use a wide range of devices some of which are affordable.
  12. It is tailored to the individual student. The courses are not confined to suit the needs of many students; if a student already covered a section of the course, that part can be omitted.
  13. It creates an avenue for the utilization of technological possibilities in learning. Different apps reinforce the learning thus improving it further.
  14. Online learning globalizes learning in that students in developing countries can receive the
    same content as those in developed nations.
  15. A student can redo sections again and again without spending extra money if he or she feels like they need more time to master the concept.

Disadvantages of Online Learning

  1. Students need high commitment and effective self-motivation to follow and benefit from online learning.
  2. It does not suit all learning styles and some learners will not find it effective (particularly
  3. It creates a feeling of isolation and some students may shy away from asking questions.
  4. It suffers from technological issues. Poor internet connection and unavoidable random failures interrupt learning.
  5. Elderly employees may have a hard time using computers negatively affecting their
  6. When discussions are low, it can be hard to find answers to questions or resolve difficulties.
  7. There are no student facilities like libraries and laboratories.
  8. There is no face to face contact with other students and/ or facilitators.
  9. Online learning cannot cope with very many students (thousands) who try to join discussions.
  10. It is not for disciplines that involve a lot of practice.
  11. There is no constructive competition between students taking part in online learning.
  12. It does not promote equality because well-off students use sophisticated devices.
  13. The necessary devices also allow games to be installed in them leading to distraction while
  14. No learning can take place when there is a power blackout.
  15. The absence of fixed schedules implies online learning complicated because different deadlines are given to different students.


Online learning should serve as a compliment and an extension of classical learning. While technology is important for personal contact, practical sessions, and face to face interactions are all crucial components of learning. This way, the benefits of advances in technology can be harnessed without compromising on valuable aspects of learning.

By: Joni Kim

Essay on Electronic Banking (E-Banking): Meaning, Advantages and Disadvantages

E-banking is becoming bigger and better. Nowadays, very few people visit banks to do their transactions. This fact does not come as a surprise since people prefer online transactions which are less laborious and time-saving. Are you familiar with E-banking? If no, then this article got you covered. It will outline facts about e-banking. In addition to that, it will bring out the advantages and disadvantages of e-banking. Read on to find out.

What is E-Banking? – Meaning

E-banking refers to electronic banking. That is, it is an electric-powered payment system that allows online transactions through different financial organization’s website. E-Banking helps its users to withdraw cash, pay bills, pay taxes and so forth. This field is large. It is accessible via different forms. Forms of e-banking include internet banking, mobile banking, and telebanking. You can also own an Automated Teller Machine (ATM), smart card, debit card and an e-cheque. Choosing to opt for e-banking has its advantages and disadvantages. Check out the merits and demerits of e-banking below.

Advantages of E-Banking

  • E-banking is less laborious compared to the traditional one.
  • It goes beyond geographical boundaries which expands banking.
  • E-banking is efficient due to the paperless working,
  • This system guarantees better services and total customers’ satisfaction.
  • It saves on time since you don’t have to make long
  • E-banking allows first-class monitoring of your account.
  • Simple to operate.
  • This system is convenient for essential.
  • It is a day night service which makes it more reliable.
  • E-banking is fast.
  • It is a great medium where banks get to endorse its other services such as investments and loans.
  • Online banking offers better and more friendly.
  • Transactional errors are rare.
  • Online accounts are easy to build up and maintain.
  • E-banking allows paying of different monthly bills without straining.

Disadvantages of E-Banking

  • E-banking is prone to hacking and other illegal transactions since no system is perfect.
  • In case of information exposure, your account is prone to internet imposters.
  • Some transactions are slow and may cause hours of tension before the transaction is complete.
  • Some banks may have weak security policies which expose their customers to fraud.
  • Maintaining a stable internet connection is expensive.
  • Successful E-banking transactions require some necessary computer skills which are not one known by everyone.
  • Learning how to use e-banking may be challenging for some people.
  • E-banking requires security passwords which some tend to forget.
  • When your bank’s server is down, online transactions are impossible.
  • E-banking eliminates some critical banking services and features.
  • Some transactions requires direct communication to be successful.
  • E-banking may not entirely solve your account’s issues and problems.
  • It eliminates the face-to-face communication which is frustrating and feels insecure.
  • Different e-banking forms have limitations. For example, your ATM withdrawal cannot exceed a certain amount of cash.
  • With the high necessary resources and skills, not all banks can afford e-banking.

Final Words

Technology has its shortcomings and e-banking is no different. The above discussion highlights the advantages and disadvantages of e-banking. Weigh the above points and know if this is something you want to venture in. This article will help you settle for a wiser decision.

By: Maureen Muriuki

Essay on Joint Venture: Meaning, Advantages and Disadvantages

Joint Venture is a common business entity which is snowballing day in day out. That is no surprise compared to the capital necessary to start a business alone. Imagine starting a business solely with all the risks involved and limited resources. It is a venture that very few people would like to embark on. With that concept, many entrepreneurs tend to prefer joint venture. However, every business involves benefits and risks. Are you thinking of joining the joint venture company? If yes, then this is the place to be. The article will deliver all the necessary information about this business. Along with that, it will cover the advantages and disadvantages of the Joint venture.

What is a joint venture?

When the term joint venture is mentioned, people tend to confuse it with the partnership. The joint venture is a business association between two parties or more to work on a specific enterprise. The parties share returns, risks, ownership, and governance. In fact, the partnership is a type of a joint venture whereby several individuals agree to share profits, loses and so forth. Other types of the Joint venture are limited co-operation and Separate Joint Venture. Limited co-operation involves sharing business responsibilities and gains in a limited way. On the other hand, the separate joint venture is where parties own specific shares in a company. In this, the parties decide on the best way to manage the company. Read on as we highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the Joint venture.

Advantages of Joint venture

  • The parties avoid total loss in case of business failure.
  • Joint venture saves on business cost.
  • It involves skills and resources sharing which is economical.
  • Joint venture reduces unhealthy business competition.
  • The business under joint venture grows faster compared to sole ownership.
  • Joint venture increases the products’ capacity.
  • It involves first business growing without necessarily including foreign investors.
  • The joint venture is flexible.
  • It is a short-term arrangement hence limited commitments.
  • In case the different parties lose the common interest that brought them together, walking out of the joint venture is possible.
  • With better resources and skills, joint venture always has a high chance of success.
  • Different parties create stable business relationships after being in a joint venture together.
  • Associating with other parties which increase your business potential.
  • Some joint ventures are beyond the national level hence create more significant
  • As per the agreement, you will know your shares and what to expect as your

Disadvantages of Joint Venture

  • Due to opinions variation, Joint venture’s objectives are never 100% certain.
  • In the case of double-dealing your business and joint venture, your company may fail in the process.
  • Equal involvement is impossible at some point the parties will have to share the responsibilities.
  • The terms in the joint venture are different when it comes to resources and assets.
  • Management differences since different parties have unlike management cultures.
  • The joint venture involves commitments and excess time which may hinder the parties from other businesses.
  • Too much planning and research to come up with an agreeable deal.
  • In some cases, exiting joint venture is impossible.
  • Due to various parties’ involvement, providing precise information to the team is a challenge.
  • Joint venture may involve unreliable parties.
  • Due to influence from other parties, you may venture into unrealistic goals and expectations.
  • Creating a real business partnership with different parties is challenging.
  • It is prone to conflicts and disagreements since the opinion of every party counts.
  • Unhealthy assessment when it comes to contribution in the business.
  • Some partners with individual goals may hinder the development of a Joint

Final Words

Entrepreneurs should take high-class precautions, especially when getting involved in any business. In case your interest is being part of a joint venture in future, look into these disadvantages and advantages of the Joint venture business. With that, you can make a wiser decision.

By Maureen Muriuki

Essay on The Benefits of Eating Healthy

Is eating a healthy meal a top priority that takes charge of your day? Or do you find yourself becoming more health conscious about what is put inside of your body? Some people who are wanting to lean more towards eating healthy may not know the benefits or advantages of being more food conscious.

While some health conscious people may feel that becoming a vegan is necessary to be healthy, others feel that with eating more fruits and vegetables, they will be on the path to being a better health conscious person.

However, knowing what it means to eat healthy is just as important as eating healthy. Some would describe eating healthy as eating a variety of foods needed to maintain health and feeling good as well as having energy. A lot of people who hope to be better at eating healthy, acknowledges it as eating a variety of foods from the four food groups and maintaining good health.

Many have described eating healthy as consuming nutrient-dense foods in measured quantities from all of the food groups. A lot of people believe that eating cautiously involves an eating plan that will help you manage your weight by taking in a variety of food.

Healthy eating has also been described as a pattern of eating that contributes to the best possible health through positive relationships with food as well as balancing food choices with a person’s needs. With the knowledge of knowing the importance of eating healthy, you will be on a journey of having a better relationship with food before you know it.

Although there are many different kinds of food that will help you on your journey of being in the best possible health, there are many other benefits to eating healthy. Some of these benefits are:

  • Having a reduced risk of heart disease, including heart attack and stroke
  • Being protected from certain cancers
  • Having reduced chances of getting type 2 diabetes or becoming obese
  • Having a reduced risk of developing kidney stones or decreased bone loss
  • Having lower calorie intake
  • Helping with maintained weight control
  • Boosting energy

With all of the benefits of eating healthy, why not try out that new fruit or vegetable you have always been curious about? With your newfound taste in healthy food, you may find that eating healthy is what has been missing in your life. Trying foods from all of the food groups will broaden your mind and taste if you are trying to find something new to eat.

Leatra Hernandez

Essay on Sports: Its Meaning, and Benefits


Are you someone who has always loved a friendly game of competition? Has sports been a part of your form of entertainment for years? Then, maybe knowing more about the advantages you can get from being involved in a sport will help you with making the decision on if you want to play one of your favorite sports.

However, first you must know the meaning of sports.

  • Many know sports as an activity that involves physical exertion which takes place with an individual or team who competes against another or others for entertainment.
  • Another definition that has been given to this fun type of entertainment, is an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess with a competitive nature in such sports as racing, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, basketball, hunting, football, and many other sports that provides competition between two parties.
  • Some have defined sports as a game or competition or activity that needs physical effort and skill to be played or done according to rules, whether it be for enjoyment or for a job.
  • Many sports lovers have gone on to define sports as competitive leisure activities that require skill and physical effort.
  • However, a lot of sports lovers have defined has to fans, sports, as a group of games or individual activities that involves physical activities and skills.

Whatever the meaning of sports has to fans who love to watch, it can take on a whole new meaning if you decide to participate as a competitor in a sport.


If you do decide to take up a leisure activity, then knowing the advantages of being an active sports player would be beneficial to you. Some of these benefits include:

  • Better weight management
  • Lowers hypertension
  • Stronger bones
  • Better self-esteem
  • Tone Muscles
  • You will have a healthier heart
  • Playing makes you more mentally alert
  • Teamwork is valued more
  • Becoming better with problem-solving
  • Rules and structure are given when playing sports
  • You will become more organized
  • You will have better goals and expectations
  • Better attitude
  • You will gain satisfaction in the development of your fitness skills
  • A great way to fight depression and anxiety

With this time taken to play sports, you will find that the advantages of being an active team player is great. You will find a new love in sports with the realization of the advantages and benefits of playing.

Leatra Hernandez

Essay on The Habit of Reading

Many have found a passion in hobbies like playing a musical instrument or playing sports, but reading is a pass time that has embraced the hearts of many for years. However, some may find it hard to enjoy reading, because it is not something that they wish to make a habit or a hobby. While reading may not be a favorite hobby for many, others find that reading everyday broadens their knowledge and understanding of complex problems. Knowing what reading means is important as well, because it will help you come to a conclusion on why it is so important in today’s world. Some people feel that reading is a word, text, or situation in which it is understood or interpreted. Some people find the common meaning of reading to mean the ability to examine and grasp the meaning of written or printed characters, words, or sentences. Whatever reading means to you, making a habit to read, is something that feeds you mentally.

Once you decide to make reading more of regular routine, it is important to know why the habit of reading should be important to you. Some of these reasons include:

  • You will have the chance to expose yourself to new things through books
  • Helping with your self-improvement
  • Improving your understanding of everything
  • Providing tools of communication
  • Helps with finding a good job
  • Developing the imagination and sparks creativity
  • Improves spelling and writing skills

Taking the opportunity to read and learn new things can help you become more aware of the world around you. Even if reading it is not a favorite pass time hobby, it is important to read day to day things so you know how to live in the world. Whether reading a book and sparking your imagination or reading instructions on how to put something together, making a habit of reading helps with every part of your day. Starting with something small when taking up the habit of reading is the best way to become a book lover. Whether it be a small poem or an interesting article, your passion for reading starts when you read something interesting.

Leatra Hernandez

Essay on Advantages of Reading Books

Taking time to read a book can be very thrilling and informative if you are someone who loves to read the words of others. For years books have been the pass time of relaxing as well as learning something new. Whether learning a new recipe or enjoying a fictional character from a favorite author, reading a book has many advantages. However, knowing what it means to read a book and the importance of reading has many different meanings to many different people. One definition of reading is the action or skill of reading written or printed matter silently or aloud. Some readers define reading as an interpretation of something. Many book lovers have called reading, the extent to which a person had read or having literary knowledge. Some readers acknowledge reading as, a coordinated identity of words that makes a meaning so that reading is automatic and accurate. A lot of readers define reading as the process of constructing written texts that is a complex skill. Whatever you may find interest in on your journey to reading, you will find that knowledge lies in the words of the books that you choose to read.

Reading a book doesn’t just capture your heart, but can also intrigue you mentally. These are just some of the advantages that can lead you to reading. Other advantages include:

  • Stimulating the mind
  • Acquires knowledge
  • The expansion of your vocabulary
  • Improving your memory
  • Sharpening of your writing skills
  • Boosts your concentration
  • Being entertained
  • Reduces your stress
  • Helps your imagination thrive
  • Gives you better critical and analytical skills
  • Taking your mind of your problems
  • Improves the quality of your day to day conversations
  • Stimulates your creativity
  • Improves your health
  • Gives better problem solving skills

Reading is something that helps create a better understanding of the world and how to communicate with those in it. Whether you are solving a complex problem, engaging yourself in a suspenseful novel, or reading a how-to book, reading captures your mind and embraces your way of thinking. You will find yourself being great at reading and loving it more as you take on different books to read. Many readers love different genres and will even read new genres by new authors for the first time with the hope of finding a new kind of love in reading. Once you open your heart to reading, you open your eyes to a whole new world of understanding.

Leatra Hernandez