Short Paragraph on Reading and its Importance

Reading is the skill of decoding the meaning of a group of words in an article or a book. Reading is a helpful skill which is needed in all walks of life such as in schools, colleges, jobs and for daily activities. Reading is one of the first activities that are taught in school to children as it is the most crucial skill. People who enjoy reading in their free time gain a lot of benefits.

The importance of reading is as follows:

  1. It is rightly said that people who never read live one life but people who read live a hundred lives. It means that we get to experience the life of the person in the book just by reading it.
  2. It improves our linguistic skills of a particular language.
  3. It increases our vocabulary, sentence correction, and spelling of words.
  4. It provides us with the wisdom which is very useful.
  5. It is known to decrease stress and tension.
  6. Reading improves your sense of reasoning, wonder, and creativity.
  7. Reading books guides you to the right path in life and makes you humble and sensitive.

Therefore, we should spend at least an hour every day reading a book we like!

By Rohan

Short Paragraph on Dancing and its Importance as a Hobby

Dancing is an art of performing a set sequence of movements on a song or a tune. Dance performances are done for the purpose of entertaining others or as a hobby. Someone who is passionate about dancing can actually make a career out of it. Dance is of many forms like classical, hip-hop, robotic, etc. The whole performance has to be choreographed or can be freestyle as well.

The importance of dance as a hobby are as follows:

  1. Dancing is good for the health as it is a type of cardiovascular activity and burns a lot of calories.
  2. It helps in relieving stress and depression, thus making one more happy and lively.
  3. It makes one feel calm and relaxed and should be regularly practiced.
  4. Dancing as a hobby will improve your skill set and will make you a better dancer every day.
  5. One can develop a career out of this hobby which can make one very successful.
  6. You can make social contacts with the people who share the same hobby as you do.
  7. You will be more productive in your studies or your job.

Hence, the benefits of dancing as a hobby cannot be denied.

By Rohan

Short Paragraph on Grandmother

A grandmother is the mother of your father or mother. The sisters of your grandmother are also known as grandmothers. The only difference is that one is biological and the other is not. Grandmothers take care of their grandsons and granddaughters the same way as parents do. They also help in the nurturing and upbringing of their grandchildren.

  1. Grandmothers cook the most delicious and tasty dishes for their grandchildren.
  2. Grandmothers share their life experiences with their grandchildren which is very beneficial.
  3. Grandmothers help in the upbringing and nurturing of their grandchildren.
  4. Grandmothers provide and inculcate values and good habits in grandchildren that helps them for a lifetime.
  5. One gets to listen to many interesting stories from the past times which are quite meaningful.
  6. They help us in shaping our future and share tips on how to lead a life.
  7. We get to see the world through their eyes which are quite different and full of possibilities.

Therefore, you can’t really weigh the importance of a grandmother in words. They are the backbones and the support system of grandchildren and an intricate part of their lives.

By Rohan

Short Paragraph on Gardens and Its Benefits

A garden is a piece of land in a house where grass, plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables are grown. It can be a public garden too which is usually developed in cities to provide it with some greenery. These gardens are used as a tourist attraction as well as a picnic spot for locals. There are lots of exotic species of plants which grow naturally or are planted by human.

The benefits of gardens are as follows:

  1. Gardens help in reducing pollution as plants and trees inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen in the daytime.
  2. Gardens add to the greenery of a house or a city which is very necessary.
  3. Gardens make houses and cities more beautiful and peaceful.
  4. Gardens are the perfect place for picnics and also reduce the stress of the outside world.
  5. We can grow lots of fresh and chemical-free fruits and vegetables which are both healthy and economical..
  6. It acts as a home to lots of birds and small animals.
  7. You can learn a lot of things from a garden about the different species of plants.

Thus, gardens are an inevitable part of a human’s life.

By Rohan

Short Paragraph on Toys

A toy is an object which is made for the purpose of playing for kids. Toys are the major source of enjoyment for young children. Toys can be made up of different materials such as plastic, wood, paper, clay, etc. The world is now more obsessed with digital games such as video games on play station or x- box etc. Some toys are made for the purpose of collection only.

  1. Playing with toys is an essential part of children’s lives when they are young.
  2. Playing with toys inculcates many values and can be rewarding for the growth of children’s mind.
  3. Toys are a good learning tool, i.e., kids get to learn and experience new things while playing with them.
  4. Toys improve children’s skill set by making them more creative and artistic.
  5. Some toys tend to stimulate the sense of humour, wonder, discovery, reasoning, etc., which are vital for the proper overall growth of children.
  6. It is entertaining and enjoyable for kids that ultimately provides them with joy.
  7. Playing with toys and games also helps in new learning.

So, which is your favourite toy?

By Rohan


Short Paragraph on Wisdom and Its Importance

Wisdom is synthesizing all the information into proper and correct decision keeping in mind all the aspects revolving around it. A person to have wisdom will attain calmness, patience, and diligence to take the right decisions.

Importance of Wisdom:

  • A person with wisdom listens to others, analyze the subject which helps in increasing his learning and understanding.
  • Wisdom made one’s life better as people tend to look around the corners of life and overcome challenges.
  • One may not have complete knowledge about everything, but wisdom can guide oneself to learn new things efficiently.
  • Making the right decisions lead to a peaceful life with no complexities of any sort.
  • Wisdom increases by spreading knowledge and not keeping to oneself.
  • It develops a human being as a person of high integrity, knowledge, and
  • People would always love being around a person with wisdom as they will have a positive aura 24×7.

Conclusion: A wise person is someone who realizes that wisdom is ephemeral; it’s an ever-changing state of knowing and understanding that is continuously transmuting, transforming and evolving. And, it requires balanced integration of the instinctual, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of knowing.

By Rohan

Short Paragraph on William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was an English writer and poet and is considered the best of all writers who used the English language. He is till date the most famous playwright in the world.

About William Shakespeare:

  • Shakespeare’s plays have been translated into over 50 languages and performed across the globe.
  • William Shakespeare is the best-selling fiction author with over 4 billion copies sold till date.
  • His works related to Tragedy, Comedy, and historical works through poetry and prose.
  • It is a fact that not much is known about William Shakespeare because of no autobiographical letters or diaries and no surviving descendants.
  • Shakespeare worked with his company of men at the Global Theatre until around 1610 and then retired from performing at the stage.
  • “The Bard” or “The Bard of Avon” was attributed to Shakespeare for his birthplace being “Stratford-upon-Avon” in the United
  • The global theatre, the historic theatre where Shakespeare performed is still visited by millions of tourists every year.

Conclusion: Therefore, Shakespeare is still considered to be the most prominent figure in language. There are a lot of phrases which are colloquial now but originated back from the 17th century of Shakespeare’s time such as “Breaking the ice” or “Heart of gold” etc. So, what’s going to be your Shakespeare read?

By Rohan

Short Paragraph on Water Pollution

The contamination of water bodies by effluent substances is known as water pollution. Water pollution leads to various health problems.

About water pollution:

  • One of the biggest causes of water pollution is untreated sewage.
  • International organizations have turned their attention to water pollution lately, and it has been a hot topic for debate in almost all developed and developing countries.
  • Ocean pollution has taken the place of air and land pollution as the most concerning type of pollution form in the current scenario.
  • The Dominican Republic is the most polluted country regarding ocean plastic, and India is not far behind.
  • Marine life and agricultural land has been walloped by the rise of water pollution and has been deteriorating rapidly
  • Some major sources of water pollution are -industrial waste, untreated sewage, plastic waste, these are some of the significant causes of the uncountable list of polluting water

Conclusion: Rather than concentrating the sources and we should shift our efforts towards keeping it under control. And the best measure we can take to is to spread awareness among people about its concerning repercussions and mainly to start with our kids.

By Rohan

Short Paragraph on Pollution

Pollution, in simple words, refers to the contamination of air or water bodies. Our world is suffering from a great misfortune right now due to the constant rise of pollution across the countries in the world. Therefore, it becomes even more important to save and preserve our environment for the future generation.

  1. Pollution affects our health and causes a lot of respiratory and skin diseases.
  2. Pollution affects the air quality that we breathe in and hence, make us feel depressed.
  3. Pollution in the air or water bodies also affect the animals besides humanity.
  4. It also has a dire impact on the aesthetics of any country.
  5. A country with high levels of pollution will definitely see less tourism or tourists because nobody wants to be sick.
  6. Saving the environment for the future generations is essential.
  7. Pollution in the air and water also degrades the quality of the crops and fishes that we consume.

Therefore, saving the planet from the effects of pollution is vital, and we should make all efforts to ensure a non-polluted environment.

By Rohan

Short Paragraph on Television

Television is a beautiful gift of science to the people. Television has both entertainment and educational purpose in it. It occupies millions of minds by showing moving images in the form of Movies, TV Series, Cartoons, Educational programs, etc.

  • It helps children to exchange cultural experiences with others and learn about new things.
  • Television can motivate children to read, on the same subject as they watched on TV, for further information.
  • TV provides for educational purposes with advancement and online classes for the children.
  • The news being shown on news channels makes the general knowledge of kids strong and can be aware of various things around the globe.
  • Documentary programs can enhance the critical thinking and develop a mindset on the reality of the societal scenarios.
  • It provides for cultural, musical and other art forms to the children they are fond of or develop a taste in it.
  • Tele-Shopping channels offer great bargain deals for affordable shopping through the TV.

Conclusion: TV though regarded as an “Idiot box,” it still has a lot of advantages if used rationally. It can be of great importance when used effectively. It solves entertainment, educational, social and other purposes for all age groups.

By Rohan