Social Media: Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media

There was a time when even sending and receiving messages used to take lots of time. Human beings are continuously getting more advanced with finding new technologies to make our life easy. Now, we have the technology to share our views and thoughts nearly within fraction of second with the whole world.

Initially the main purpose of social media was to make our connections with the world and reduce the time to interact with others. But now people are using it more for enjoyment. But people using social media are the one who are more aware about what is happening in the world. There are many benefits and shortcomings of social media.


  • It helps in building communities whose members have similar thoughts, views and interests.
  • People from any part of the world can connect with anyone.
  • Social media can be used for study purpose.
  • Social media makes us aware about what is happening around us.
  • A person can get help through social media because one can share anything with the world quickly.
  • It is a great platform for advertising one’s business and promoting it.
  • A person can show his skills to the world using social media easily.
  • It gives a good platform of selling and buying goods and services.
  • People can help the needy one using social media.
  • Police and crime investigations get a lot help from social media.
  • Easy availability of information is there.
  • It is also a good way of supporting or criticizing an incident or a topic.
  • It is a source of income.
  • It is entirely free to start and there is a large audience.
  • It is a great source of entertainment.


  • Addiction of using social media is a very big problem for today’s generation. It is affecting their personal life like studying and there is a lot wastage of time.
  • Many fraud cases occur on social media. One should be alert and check the details carefully before making payments or getting involved in any activity.
  • The excess use of social media affects the human health badly.
  • Any kind of false news can spread like fire across the world within minutes.
  • There is always a security issue on social media.
  • Social media decreases face-to-face communication skills.
  • Social media causes distraction. Like distracting a student from studying, distracting a person to complete a project, etc.
  • It facilitates laziness by wasting a lot of time doing actually nothing.
  • It reduces family closeness.
  • Conversations on social media lacks emotion and understanding.
  • Since there is no age barrier, children are often exposed to the stuff which should not be known to them.
  • People are exposed to trolls which can push them into serious depression.

Of course social media is very important in today’s world, but the disadvantages are more serious than the advantages. It can help a lot in studying, doing projects, jobs, getting news, etc. But it can also deviate people from their study or jobs if they become addicted to social media. If we could use social media smartly, it would be good for us.

Rashmi Kumari