Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Education

Online education refers to a type of learning which is done through the internet.

Millions of people around the world are enrolled in courses online and are able to learn from the comfort of their home.

Online education can come in various ways; they could be educational webinars and videos on the internet or even a face to face learning on your laptop with your teacher which utilizes the internet.

Advantages of online education

  • Online education allows you to learn from different mentors and teachers in different areas hence broadening your knowledge and perspective.
  • It eliminates shyness among students as many are able to interact more through online education than normal classes.
  • You can learn from your from or simply anywhere as long as you have an internet accessible device.
  • In online education in case there are any changes in the syllabus, updates can be done immediately as compared to traditional means of education.
  • Online education is adaptable and flexible since you can learn at any time even during the midnight.
  • Online education usually gives you a chance to learn at your own pace, there is no rush.
  • Most online courses are usually fun and easier compared to attending classes.
  • Online education saves you the trouble of having to travel to a certain destination every single day.
  • Online education is usually more affordable compared to learning through the traditional way.
  • Online education enables one to learn innovative strategies through the internet and hence become more skillful.
  • It can help boost the grades of some people as compared to normal traditional education. Some people understand more through online education.
  • There is no need to wait for office hours to speak to the instructor; you can access him or her immediately through chat or email.
  • There is a huge amount of learning information on the internet.
  • It promotes diversity as you network with students from different areas and of different backgrounds.
  • The course material is always available on the internet unlike traditional education where the library may be closed during the weekends or the holidays. 

Disadvantages of online education

  • It is quite difficult for a person to be responsible for his or her own learning without someone to push them to do something.
  • Online education isolates you from your fellow classmates.
  • It may require one to put in more time compared to the traditional normal way of studying.
  • Using the computer too much may make your students accustomed to plagiarism.
  • Online education may make one not want to do any physical activity hence hindering physical development.
  • An online exam is usually easier to cheat compared to when in a class and hence may not be advisable during exams..
  • You can procrastinate online learning at any time.
  • There is no or very little enthusiasm as you study.
  • Online education gives one a lot of freedom which may be bad for your learning.
  • Online education may need you to be able to manage your time properly which may be difficult for many.
  • It promotes independence and whereas this might sound good it is also a disadvantage in that in case you enroll in a college and have to attend classes you will not be used to the lecturers telling you what to do and hence difficult to adjust.
  • There are a lot of distractions on the internet through maybe adverts and this might disturb your learning.
  • Online education lacks that practical experience when learning which a teacher in a class brings.
  • Online education may cause eye problems as you will be seated on the computer most times of the day.
  • Online education has less self assessment.


Online education has both benefits and its shortcomings but it is a great form of learning which can really help improve the performance of a student.

A great way to benefit more is to incorporate both the online education and the traditional form of education.

Attend physical classes as you also learn online and you will see the advantages of online learning will outweigh the disadvantages.

By: Christopher.