Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Small Family

Every family member, be it the parents or children, longs for that concentration and attention.

Your needs has to be met and your complains have a right to be heard. In case of predicaments or personal projects, we desire the support from our family members.

Members of a family living together and jointly as a unit support each other in whatever the cause. A small family makes the possibility of the slogan family first easy visualized and achieved.

Having a small makes the relationship between members strong and reliable. It ensures the needs of each and every member are met if not reflected upon.

But then, small families are not a perfect haven. And just because they have all the desirable qualities we would love in a family, they have their own mishaps.

Listed below are some of the advantages and downward side that comes with small families

Advantages of small families

  • Attention given to children from their parents makes them have quality life
  • The children in small families have the advantage of enjoying amplified economic success and a chance of doing well to maintain such.
  • Small families make parents have an easier time when it comes to economical and emotional strain.
  • Members of small families experience minimum level of pressure when it comes to motherhood and its duties.
  • Small families are prone to giving children enough support necessary to attain highest level of education.
  • Small families enjoy maximum levels of happiness.
  • Women who tend to have smaller families tend to have fulfilled economic lives.
  • Lesser health issues.
  • A small family is also ecologically sustainable.
  • The budget of a small family is less strained.
  • Members of a small family get to bond better.
  • More leisure activities such as travelling together can be enjoyed.
  • Parents get to get a better balance between family and work.
  • Kids in small families tend to be more independent.
  • Small families are better equipped at adjusting to different environments better. 

Disadvantages of the small families

  • Small families the amount of exposure a child gets while growing up which leads to limited chances to becoming diverse humans
  • An only child, devoid of sibling relationship, will tend to have bad social skills manifested in selfishness
  • The close relationship between parents and children in small families may lead to paranoid and overprotective parents as well as children who are too reliant on parents
  • Small families discourage responsibility among children as they rely on parents so much and lack other sibs to take care of
  • The children in small families appear to be lonely with no clear difference between needs and wants.
  • Small families may tend be a disadvantage to the aging parents who will lack enough children to take care of them.
  • Small families foster egoism and self-centeredness among children
  • Excessive pampering may lead to a kid’s downfall.
  • May lead to loneliness in a child.
  • Lack of proper socialization.
  • May lead to irresponsibility tendencies in kids.
  • Minimal support when needed the most.
  • Loss of heritage and culture over the years.

Under-exploitation of family resources.


With the trend of decreasing birthrates, more people are finding the need to have smaller families. Presented with both advantages and disadvantages, most people find it easy to live with smaller families and find the solutions to the disadvantages.

By: Christopher.