Television: Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Television

Television owes its origin to two different words, ‘tele’ and ‘vision’. ‘Tele’ in Greek means ‘From far away’ and ‘vision’ is the Latin word for sight. Hence, television may simply be defined as an electronic device or system which is used to transmit moving images in either black and white or in color with sound.

Television sets gained their present popularity from the early 2000s. Since 2010, with the invention of smart TV, Internet TV, etc. owning a high-end TV has become both a matter of both necessity and pride. Television is rightly seen as the most widely viewed and influential medium for advertisement, information, news, and entertainment.

Today, the leading television manufacturers include Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Sony, and TCL, etc. In layman terms, a television is basically a device with a screen that receives electrical signals and converts them into moving images and sound.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Television – Essay 1

As with all the man-made inventions, watching television has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at them separately.

Advantages of Television:

  • Kills monotony.
  • Powerful messages are shared via programs for benefit of the society.
  • One can watch live coverage of sports events, rock shows, political speeches, etc.
  • Cooking channels may help learn culinary skills.
  • News channels are the biggest source to stay in touch with what’s happening around us.
  • Television creates awareness about the economic, social, and political conditions prevailing in our country and also the outer world.
  • Many teleshopping channels offer quality products at dirt-cheap prices.
  • Television helps us to stay current in terms of the latest trends and fashion through numerous fashion channels and modeling shows.
  • Television is a great source of advertisement.
  • Many channels shown on television are helpful in keeping track of the stock market through live updates and expert interviews.
  • Television may help us feel a little less lonely.
  • There are some shows on television that are highly educative for children.
  • Television brings together the entire family together.
  • There are many shows on yoga and general exercise that are followed by millions of people around the world.
  • There are several programs and shows aired on television that are highly motivational and inspire the viewers a lot.

Disadvantages of Television:

  • Crime, and violence are on display frequently on television.
  • Harmful to health.
  • Watching television for long comes in the way of spending quality time with family and friends.
  • Most of the channels are repetitive and bland.
  • Television makes us lazy.
  • Tele-shopping channels lure us to buy things that we don’t really need.
  • Wastage of time.
  • Children and teenagers can easily get influenced by what is being shown on television.
  • Most of the news channels spread propaganda which affects the viewers.
  • May cause insomnia.
  • Makes a lot of noise.
  • Television can have a bad effect on our eyesight.
  • Television has become highly commercialized with advertisements replacing real programs.
  • Television has overtaken the joy of reading books in the present generation.

Though there are a few disadvantages that may be attributed to television, its role and importance in our household can’t be denied. However, maintaining supervision over what is decent and what is not while watching television is crucial.

Abhishyand Kumar

Advantages and Disadvantages of Television – Essay 2

Advantages of TV

  • It is a healthy source of entertainment that is less destructive than using drugs.
  • They inform people about current trends, political issues, and social issues.
  • Some TV channels elaborate more on health issues. Therefore, they encourage people to eat healthily and live healthily.
  • With a TV in your house, you can learn all about different recipes and how to do them.
  • TV helps young people to improve their eloquence and output perfect grammar.
  • They serve as advertisement platforms for different companies and their goods.

Disadvantages of the TV

  • They waste on time which is an important resource.
  • TVs are expensive to purchase and maintain since they are some monthly bills to cater for.
  • TVs tend to distract kids are in most cases leads to poor performance in schools.
  • Some of the information provided by the media is not real and causes a lot of damage to the country.


TVs are an important part of our lives. They play a major role in informing the public about what is happening in the world. It simply works like a dependable information source that makes sure people are in the date on multiple important matters. From the above discussion, I am very that you are wiser when it comes to the TV. Whether to purchase one or not is now in your hands. Choose wisely.

By Maureen

Updated on May 5, 2020