Essay on Cinema: Meaning, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Meaning of Cinema

Cinema refers to the art or technique of making motion pictures. It may also mean a place specifically meant for the display of films. Many of us usually understand cinema as a building where people pay to watch films. The word cinema has been derived from the French word “cinematographe”, a term which was originally coined in the late nineteenth century. Many of us use the word ‘cinema’ to mean either a movie itself or a theater where the movie is being shown.

Some common terminologies that we use to mean cinema are films, pictures, movies, flicks, motion pictures, theatre, picture-house, etc.

In this article, we will try to figure out the various merits and demerits of cinema.

Advantages of Cinema:

  • One of the major means of mass communication.
  • An easy way to look at history and learn from them
  • A movie educates us about the virtues of teamwork.
  • Popular media for information and entertainment.
  • Helps promote patriotism and mutual harmony among people.
  • Helps promote unity and mutual coexistence.
  • Movies challenge our imagination and take us beyond the realms of possibility.
  • Cinemas can be used to teach us about the varied customs, cultures, and traditions of the world.
  • Cinemas are true mirrors of the society.
  • Movies inspire us.
  • One successful movie can completely change the lives of so many people involved in its making. Many struggling actors have been known to hit it big time with just one hit.
  • Provides employment to millions.
  • Movies are educative.
  • Effective source of advertisements.
  • Movie advertising transcends the barriers of language and reaches all kinds of audience.

Disadvantages of Cinema:

  • With ever-increasing consumerism, cinema seems to have lost its original purpose.
  • Some movies distort true facts and portrays false nations amongst the people under the guise of artistic freedom.
  • Not all movies are worth a watch.
  • Wastes time.
  • Some movies Devoid of logic.
  • Some scenes may have negative influence on children and minors.
  • Encourages stereotype.
  • Lewd dialogues and song lyrics may corrupts the viewer’s mind.
  • Some movies are devoid of any social message and relevance.

There are pros and cons to most of the things that we see around us and cinema is not an exception. It basically depends upon the person who is watching it. What can’t be argued though is the fact that cinemas are one of the most potent and popular means of entertainment in today’s world.

Abhishyand Kumar