Essay on Travelling: Meaning, Advantages and Disadvantages

Meaning of Travelling

Travelling simply means the act of going from one place to another, especially far away from home.   Travelling to far off places, for work or leisure is commonplace these days. You might have come across scores of individuals whose work take them away to myriad places, sometimes, even to other countries.

Travelling makes us aware of different cultures, traditions, customs, food, and languages, etc. There are individuals who like to be on a journey almost on a daily basis. Travelling takes us to new places and gives us an opportunity to come across and mingle with people of different beliefs and nationalities.

However, not everybody is a travel junky. Some often complain about the toll that constant travelling takes on their body. Today, we would take a look at both the pros and cons of travelling.

Advantages of Travelling:

  • Trying out new things: Who doesn’t like to meet new people, taste new foods, and indulge in some adventure?
  • Gives us a complete perspective of things: Travelling to places makes us think from the perspective of other people.
  • Helping out: Ever heard of volunteers to Africa and middle-east countries?
  • Escape from monotony and routine-life.
  • An opportunity to see new places.
  • Travelling educates us about various things.
  • Travelling is a beautiful way to spend one’s free time.
  • A chance to learn about different languages.
  • Travelling provides an opportunity to expand one’s horizons and become one with nature.
  • Souvenirs: Who doesn’t like souvenirs from distances afar?
  • Creates wonderful memories that last a lifetime.
  • If one is willing to travel, there are opportunities aplenty to make a financial and professional gain.
  • Refreshes the mind and helps to recharge our batteries.
  • Makes us aware of our inner self.
  • The tourism sector which largely depends upon travelling aficionados provides a great boost to a nation’s economy.

Disadvantages of Travelling:

  • Language can be a problem.
  • Long queues at the railway stations, airports, etc. are no fun.
  • Travelling can be expensive.
  • Security aspects: Often burglars break open houses that are vacant.
  • Home-sickness.
  • Nothing can beat time spent at your home with your loved ones.
  • Travelling has caused a lot of environmental pollution.
  • Not many appreciate a nomadic life.
  • Sometimes travelling can be disappointing when you realize that your destination is not as good as you expected it to be.
  • Constant travelling can take a toll on your health.
  • You could miss out on important things at your home or your workplace while travelling.
  • Makes others think that you don’t take your work seriously.
  • Lots of overheads involved such as hotels, insurance, etc.
  • Travelling gives you only a temporary high and is no substitute for your home.

Travelling is a wonderful experience and can be a great way to rejuvenate your sagging spirits. However, constant travelling should be avoided as it can have an adverse impact on your health.

Abhishyand Kumar