Go Green Save Earth – Essay

Going green means protecting the earth by conservation of the natural resources.

When you go green you help save the earth. Go green save earth is among the number of slogans created to call people to action concerning the condition of our planet.

It involves reducing the amount of natural resources consumed and limiting the waste produced. Over the years our planet has experienced drastic climate changes due to us destroying the environment.

The natural resources such as water, forests and animals being misused are the very essence of our existence. Conservation of the environment ensures healthy living and makes our world sustainable for the future generations.

Few ways to go green

We can go green and save the earth by doing very simple tasks. However simple they may seem, they are very vital in environmental conservation.

  • Always recycle items which are non-biodegradable.
  • Cultivate and plant trees. Trees are a source of rain and water helps to sustain every eco-system.
  • Save on space by using non-disposable or re-usable items. You can stop using disposable cups and instead use your own personal cup that can be washed and re-used the following day.
  • Limit direct lighting by switching off lights when not in use.
  • Avoid water wastage by reusing water used for bathing, washing or cooking for other purposes like watering of plants.
  • Avoid using plastic bags instead use reusable bags for carrying your items.
  • Ensure that you properly maintain your vehicle to reduce air pollution. One could also walk to work or use public transport on certain days of the week instead of using the personal car.
  • Use solar panels. Solar panels can help to cut on fossil fuels usage.
  • Use organic hygiene products. Many hygiene products are usually very toxic and hence can affect not only your skin but your health. Organic hygiene products are non toxic and hence environmental friendly.
  • Read or use books from the library. When you go and read books from the library you help reduce the papers used to produce them as compared to purchasing them.

By: Christopher.