How to save electricity? – Essay

Electricity is a form of energy that is being used all around the world and has become so important that people just can’t do without it.

Electricity can be made through nuclear power, hydropower, wind power and also solar power.

The role electricity plays in the economy is so significant that without it some economies would fall. Electricity is used for transport, for example, we have electric trains.

It is used in communication, to lighten rooms, at home for appliances such as iron boxes and electric trains, to power industrial machines and also to power the computers used both at work and at home.

Despite all the advantages, this revolutionary discovery has brought over the years it also comes with some disadvantages.

The main disadvantage and also major complaint by many people is the rising electricity bills every month.

Having electricity in your home or organization prompts you to account for the monthly bills in your budget and hence the need to find ways to save electricity.

So how do you save electricity to reduce these bills? Here are some tips you can use:

  • Always switch off the lights when not using them. Leaving lights on even during the day when you can simply open the curtains is among the major causes of high electricity bills.
  • Avoid buying large unnecessary electrical appliances which just end up using more electricity for no valuable reason.
  • Always remove your phone charger from the wall socket when done the charging.
  • Try using bulbs with lower wattages. If you really must use higher wattages, try using lesser bulbs with higher wattages.
  • Walls at home and work should be painted in bright colors such as white or light blue to avoid the need for more light bulbs in the room.
  • Use fluorescent bulbs. They are considered energy saving compared to ordinary bulbs.
  • Ensure proper management of your heating and cooling within the house.
  • Find the best energy deal. Always compare energy offers so as to reduce the cost and get the best deal.
  • Use solar energy by installing solar panels. Solar energy can help you save electricity as you do not have to regularly buy energy from your retailer.
  • Roof insulation can help save the electricity spent on heating and cooling.
  • Always ensure that the fridge door is well shut and no cold air can come out.
  • Avoid using clothe dryers and let your clothes dry out in the sun.
  • Wash your clothes in cold water since the water heater uses a lot of energy to heat up the water hiking your electricity bills.
  • Wash the dishes without the washing machine. Hand washing dishes might be slow but saves electricity.
  • Use the correct appliance for its required job. Making food using a wrong appliance may take longer and hence increase your electricity bills.


As much as electricity is beneficial to our daily lives we need to limit the rate at which we use it.

Our carelessness and over-usage are often what leads to the high electricity bills we incur monthly and hence we should try and be more responsible with how we manage electricity around the house and at work.

By: Christopher.