How to save Forest? – Essay

A forest is a large area covered by trees. We can also define it as a collection of trees. A forest is a very important natural resource in any state and should always be conserved.

Forests are homes to a number of different animal species. Destruction of these natural habitats is among the reasons why animals wander far from the forests and disrupt the peace of human beings living nearby.

Forests play an important part in air filtration as they usually take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen which we breathe. Apart from that, they also lessen the impacts of floods by providing stability to the soil.

Forests are also the major source of wood which we use to make doors, shelves and furniture.

Lately, there has been increased deforestation for human settlement among many countries, posing a danger to the habitats of the animals and increasing the risk of desertification.

The following are ways with which we can save our forest:

  • Technology has developed over the years and hence reducing the need of communication through the paper. You can use emails instead of paper mails hence reducing the need for a paper which comes from wood from our forest.
  • Re-use paper. You can find different ways to use the paper you don’t need any more instead of dumping them.
  • Take part in tree-planting exercises. You can counter deforestation by planting more trees.
  • Limit buying products with too much paper packaging.
  • Recycle papers and also buy recycled paper products.
  • Donate something to support the non-profit organizations involved in forest conservation.
  • Always write on both sides of the paper to avoid wastage.
  • Create awareness of forests through tourism activities. The more tourists visit a certain forest the more value it gets and hence is protected by the state.
  • You can read magazines online as they usually provide the same information as the paper magazines. You can also read books online instead of purchasing them. There are plenty of ebooks online these days.
  • Visit the library. Instead of purchasing books from stores you can read them at the library or borrow and return when done.
  • Use products that made with full consideration of the forests and the environmental sustainability.
  • Eat foods which are organic and grown locally as this helps to limit clearance of forests for agricultural purposes.
  • Purchase already used furniture. This helps reduce deforestation for purposes of making furniture.
  • You can teach people the importance of forest conservation and condemn acts which lead to the destruction of our forests.
  • The government can also contribute to forest conservation by passing laws that hinder people from irresponsibly cutting down trees for settlement or wood.

The government can also develop national parks and protect the forests from mining activities and fire outbreaks.

Final Verdict

Forests are very important for both animal and human survival and should, therefore, be protected and conserved.

The government and forest management should also become more involved in forest conservation activities as they are the bodies with enough power to ensure forest conservation rules are followed and the violators punished.

By: Christopher.