Paragraph on God helps those who help themselves – Meaning and Significance


“God helps those who help themselves” is a popular phrase which simply extols the virtues of hard work and self-initiation. It inspires people to first look within before looking at others for help.

Hard working people are likely to achieve anything they intend to in life. One must have faith in God but depending completely upon divine intervention every time we find ourselves in a situation simply doesn’t work.

We should always try to do our utmost, be patient, and leave the rest to God. Indeed, opportunity knocks at the door of only those who have strived hard enough for it. Even if an opportunity presents itself, if we are not prepared to take advantage of it, it will go in vain.


The proverb has great significance for the mankind in today’s world. This proverb can be used as a useful tool in the following ways:

  • A reminder: It can serve as a reminder to us to take good care of ourselves.
  • Inculcate religious feelings: It increases our faith in the almighty.
  • Motivational Tool.
  • Making us responsible.
  • Hope: If we start to help ourselves, we can hope that God will care for us.

“God helps those who help themselves” is an expression that can be applied to myriad contexts. It encourages us to be positive and decisive in our actions and takes responsibility for bringing in a positive change in the world.

Abhishyand Kumar