Paragraph on Reading – Meaning and Importance

Reading is the act of getting information from books or any other medium of written text. It is a process through which symbols or letters are decoded to arrive at their actual meaning.

Reading involves identification and understanding of words that lead to the development of comprehension.

There are numerous uses of reading. Some of the major applications include:

  • Self Improvement: Reading makes us more aware of the world and helps in our overall growth.
  • Development of language skills: Reading ensures that one is exposed to words on various topics. This comes in handy in developing their language skills.
  • Reading is a good exercise for the brain.
  • Reading satisfies our quest for knowledge.
  • Reading is one of the most effective means of communication.
  • It enhances our imagination and creative powers.
  • Entertainment: Reading is undoubtedly one of the oldest and cheapest modes of entertainment. Books are the primary source of opening our eyes to an entirely new world.

Reading is important as it helps to develop the mind. In fact, reading is one of the most vital skills for functioning normally in today’s world.

Abhishyand Kumar