Discover: How to Control Pollution and Save the Environment – Essay

Pollution is a term used to describe the introduction of contaminants into a clean environment at a rate which is faster than the rate at which the contaminants can decompose, disperse or turn to harmless forms. Pollution has a negative impact on every aspect of the environment. There are different causes of pollution ranging from solid wastes, liquid and even gaseous materials. The air we breathe, the water we drink and the environment we interact with every day should stay free from pollutants in order to sustain our lives. Without the environment being clean, individuals, animals and all other creatures will find it difficult to breathe and eventually suffocate leading to death. The major question therefore is, how do we control pollution to ensure that we live in a clean environment free from radicals? Here is a quick breakdown on how you can control pollution and provide yourself and others with pollutant-free environs.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Materials

Most of us tend to dispose off containers; tins and cans after use then go back and buy more of the same type. The ones already used are dumped into the environment leading to pollution. Instead of doing so, we should embrace the skill of recycling these materials and not contaminating our environment by dumping them.

Energy Conservation

It would be good if you switch off the lights during daytime as well as at night to reduce energy consumption. The energy we consume comes from burning fossil fuels and hence the reduction in amount of electricity consumed will lead to a decrease in amount of fuels burnt thus lower
contamination of the environment by the fossil fuels.

Using Public Means of Transport

The smoke emitted by burning engines of vehicles pollutes the environment by a bigger margin and therefore if we use one car that ferries 50 individuals instead of every one driving their own car will save a lot in terms of air pollution.

Utilize Clean Sources of Energy

Technological advancement has given us alternative sources of energy such as solar and wind energy which do not pollute the environment. We
should utilize such like sources and reduce the amount of fossil fuels burnt to produce electricity.

Adopt Proper Waste Disposal System

Instead of littering every part of your surrounding with wastes, one should have a proper waste disposal system where all the waste
products are kept for either recycling or further disposal.

Use of Biodegradable Materials

We should shun away from using plastics and turn to using biodegradable materials that can decompose easily.

Proper Car Maintenance

In order not to contaminate the air that we breathe with toxic smoke coming from our cars, we should ensure that our engines are
properly maintained.

Limit use of Fertilizers and Pesticides or Herbicides

Spraying these chemicals into the air pollutes the environment. Furthermore, when it rains they sink deeper into the soil affecting the soil

Other ways through which we can control pollution into the
environment include:

  • Burning solid wastes in incinerators
  • Not causing loud noises that cause noise
  • Using unleaded gasoline in our cars
  • Using energy efficient devices for lighting our houses
  • Industries to use fuel with low Sulphur contents
  • Individuals to reduce or quit smoking

Contaminating the environment with pollutants does not hurt the environment but hurts those using the environment. It is therefore very
crucial for you and me to practice the above measures so as to control the rate of pollution to our surroundings.

By Elizabeth