Essay on “Save Trees, Save Earth”

The terms “save trees save earth” refer to stoppage of careless cutting down different species of trees and plants (deforestation) found in different parts of the earth with an aim to protect our environment. The trees cover only 31% of the earth’s surface which is a small percentage putting into consideration the roles they play in sustaining our environment. If not stopped, further cutting down of forests could lead to a chaotic world whereby uncontrollable soil erosion, extinct wildlife, lack of medication, poor scenery and increased pollution will be the order of the day. This means that in the near future, it will be impossible to exist unless deforesting is stopped now. In order to have a guarantee of enjoying a good earth and hence good life in future, it is upon us to save the trees now!

How Saving the Trees Can Save the Earth?

If the earth didn’t have trees no life would be sustained. Plants play a very key role in ensuring that there is

continuity of lives. Below is a vivid description of how protecting the trees save the earth.

Climate Change

Climate change refers to a change in climate patterns over a long period of time. One of the major contributors to climate change is increased carbon dioxide levels in the environment. Trees play a crucial role in absorbing much of this gas from the environment. However, with the rise in cutting down of trees, the levels of carbon dioxide gas has been increasing leading to climate change. Thus, if we save the trees now, we shall save the earth from climate change.

Supporting Wildlife

Apart from the beautiful scenery created by forests, rivers, mountains and rocks among others, what else makes the world worth living in if not wildlife? Forests and trees are the habitats for all the wildlife and if all the trees are fallen down, then all the wildlife life will get extinct with time and we shall have nothing to enjoy watching.

Control Soil erosion

With the recent industrialization and construction of commercial buildings, trees have been on the receiving end. Most have been cut down to pave way for construction sites while others have been made raw materials. The roots of the trees hold soil together making it impossible to be eroded away by water. However, soil erosion has increased since after trees are cut down or uprooted, the soil becomes loose and vulnerable to erosion.

Beautiful scenery

Trees do provide us with beautiful sceneries that can never be replaced.

Fresh Air

Trees supply oxygen that we breathe and therefore without them, there won’t be life!

Medicinal benefits

All the medicines found in pharmacies, chemists and hospitals are made from the leaves, roots and stems of different trees. This is why we should preserve our forests with utmost care so as to have good health in future.

How to Save Trees?

There are several ways on how we can save the trees and save the earth at large. They include but not limited to:

Reduce on usage of Paper

Different species of trees form the raw materials for manufacturing of paper products and thus if the sue of paper is reduced, then the cutting down of trees will reduce too.

Paper Recycling

Our needs for paper keep increasing everyday hence the need for recycling use papers instead of cutting down more trees.

Increase Awareness

Raising the awareness of the negative impacts of cutting trees among communities could reduce deforestation.

Active Tree Plantation

As far as we fight to stop cutting down of mature trees, we should also plant new trees for the future.

Ban Forest Encroachment

The main reason why the earth has been forest is due to encroachment of forests by human. Banning encroachment will save existing trees and increase forest cover.

Encourage growth of indigenous Trees

Growing indigenous trees that are resistant to climate change will increase the forest cover and save it from depletion.

Everyone living on earth irrespective of their location or social status has the responsibility to save the trees which eventually will save the earth from different disasters such as global warming, climate change and soil erosion. The time is now, we can do it before it is too late.

By: Elizabeth