Essay on the importance of trees

All over the world, there is so much stressing when it comes to conservation of trees. Some governments and non-governmental organizations spend a fortune and put too much efforts to preserve them. There are other communities that can defend them with their own lives. Does the reasons why they do that bother you? If the answer is a resounding yes, keep reading for answers and other important details.

What is a tree?

As far as botany is concerned, trees are perennial plant. Some defining features of the same are a considerable height and either a trunk or elongated stem. Others are branches as well as leaves. What is the importance of trees? Check the out!

The Importance of trees

  1. Trees are a great source of fruits. Most of them are not only consumable but also have nutritional value.
  2. They are also sources of timber. The importance of timber is indisputable. Some use it for house construction and making furniture.
  3. Most of the tools are made from trees’ timber.
  4. Some means of transport are wooden.
  5. Trees are raw materials of some industries. For example, pulp is important in the paper industry.
  6. Other trees are medicinal and have natural remedies for various conditions.
  7. Trees are sources of firewood as well as charcoal. They are ideal for home and industry uses for cooking and processing.
  8. When the weather becomes too hot, the shade of a tree can be a refuge.
  9. The beauty that trees offer especially those with flowers and unique structures is indisputable.
  10. Trees boost wildlife since many wild life animals like staying in forests. Birds, fungi and insects feed from trees to. In addition to that, bats and woodpeckers among others live in tree trucks.
  11. They play a great role in the ecosystem. For instance, they keep the air clean. Besides absorbing carbon dioxide, they also slow down global warming.
  12. They not only prevent flooding but also avoids soil erosion.
  13. Some trees have a spiritual value when it comes to various tree species.
  14. Forest touring especially when using a motorbike can be adventurous. The breeze and great view are some things that the trees offer.
  15. When it comes to the kitchen, one of the incredible spice by the name Cinnamon comes from a tree.