How to Prevent Air Pollution? – Essay

Air pollution means introduction of toxic chemicals in the air leading to air contamination. The contaminants could either be in biological, physical or chemical forms. The contaminants make it difficult for plants, human and wildlife to survive or just with impair their health. There are two types of air pollution; visible and invisible air pollution. The former refers to substances that can be seen while in the air such as smoke while the latter means those small particles present in the air with potential to alter the natural air formula but cannot be seen. Air pollution is caused by either natural pollutants or man-made pollutants. The natural pollutants include volcanoes, microbial decaying processes and wildfires. On the other hand, man-made causes include burning of fossil fuels, mining, industrial processes, agricultural activities and exhaust from factories. Despite all these causes, there are many ways that you can do to prevent air pollution as outlined below.

Empress Using Public Transport Means

The rate of emission of smoke and other harmful substances from the vehicles we drive pollutes the air more than we thought. This means that instead of each one of us driving our cars, we use a single car. Example: carpooling.

Use Clean Energy Sources

There are plenty of alternative energy sources that can be used instead of the traditional electricity we are used to.

Planting More Plants

Science has proven that trees have the ability to reduce the amount of toxic gases in the air by absorbing it from the environment via the stomatal pores. If we plant more plants, gases like carbon monoxide won’t be present in the air due to absorption by plants leaving the air clean and free from such gases.

Using Energy Efficient Devices

We need to shift with technology when it comes to energy consumption. Nowadays we have bulbs that consume less energy.

Reduce Smoke Emission

Smoke is one of the highest percentage of pollutants in the air. This is because it is emitted from various sources such as burning of charcoal, stoves and cigarettes.


In order to prevent air pollution, we need to empress the recycling of materials. It takes more energy which causes more emission of pollutants into the air to produce new materials than recycling.

Use Gas Instead of Charcoal

Burning of charcoal emits carbon dioxide gases leading to air pollution in your surroundings. We should therefore turn to propane gases for cooking.

Apart from the above major ways, there are other practices that we can use to prevent air pollution such as;

  • Proper car maintenance
  • Minimizing use of air fresheners , colognes,
    herbicides and pesticides
  • Use biodegradable products
  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid use of plastic bags and paper bags
  • Turning off lights when not using
  • Buying rechargeable batteries

Having clean air is key to having good health. The air we breathe should be clean and free from any toxic chemicals. The only way we can achieve this by following the above guides on air pollution prevention. If we prevent air pollution, we shall save the earth from disasters such as global warming and climate change as well.

By Elizabeth