How to spend summer vacation? – Essay

When it comes to ideas of how to spend summer vacation, the right ones guarantee you ample fun. What can I do with my family this summer? Which are the ideal places to visit for a vacation? Once summer is around the corner, the questions above become common in almost all the traveling forums. There are a lot of things to do with your friends and loved ones. That explains why many people have different suggestions. Therefore, it is hard to go to all the forums looking for the answers. It can also be overwhelming because of the multiple suggestions. Come this summer; things will be easier on your side. In addition to that, mistakes will be a thing of the past.

With extensive research and after consulting experts, we now have the ultimate 15 ideas of how to spend summer vacation. This time around, you have to do something other than getting lazy. Keep reading to see how to relax come summer.

Top 15 Best ideas of how to spend summer vacation

  1. You can have an incredible summer vacation traveling. It is a great time to visit your relatives, your dream college or outside the country.
  2. If you are a student, use the vacation to work on an internship. It has a lot of advantages at that moment and even in the future.
  3. It is a great time to add more knowledge. For instance, take a professional course related to your main course or current career.
  4. If you are on vacation, you have a great opportunity to make extra money. You can find something like tutoring students to make some bucks.
  5. With less on your plate, it is time to improve on your areas of weakness. It can be an ideal time to train for your next race.
  6. Do some environmental friendly activities. They include planting trees or gardens.
  7. Do you have a place you always wish to visit? You can choose to go there as a way to spend your summer vacation.
  8. Take a tour either by car or bike. There is fun in traveling even when you do not have a predetermined destination.
  9. It is a good time for personal development. You can evaluate your goals, start a blog or learn about resource management.
  10. If you are wondering on how to spend summer vacation, consider volunteering for a course in your community.
  11. It is also a good time for sleepovers.
  12. Watch movies. Once the vacation is over, you may never have that chance.
  13. Go shopping to get yourselves new shoes and clothes just but to mention a few.
  14. It is a high time to nurture your hobbies such as drawing, dancing, hiking and playing computer games among others.
  15. Try out new recipes and also try perfecting on the old ones.


The above ideas are great suggestions as to how to spend summer vacation. Do you love indoors or outdoors activities? That doesn’t matter. From the discussion, there is something for everyone. Try them out and find yourself enjoying every moment of your summer vacation.

By Winnie