Paragraph on Importance of Speaking English

English is the second most uttered language worldwide, and it is crucial to learn it if you want to conduct business, get an education or seeking employment in multinational organizations. English has become an international language, and it has made it easier to express your thinking and perception with others.

The importance of speaking English is:

English is the language that all the schools are using. Science, computers, tourism, diplomacy to mention a few bases their studies on English as a language.

The scientist has proved that one out of five people in the world can speak or understand English. Therefore, it is essential for you to learn it as well for ease of communication.

From books to films and news all of them speak the same language which is English. Avoid relying on translators or subtitles to get the information you need.

We are in a digitalized era where almost everything you find is in the system. Even Government portal nowadays is digitalized. Websites and all information are in English.

So many countries have switched to speaking English as a universal language. So when you move to different parts of the world, you will still be able to communicate effectively.

The English language is smooth and straightforward, unlike many other languages. Its based on simple alphabets.

English being the official language in over sixty countries, it goes without saying that conducting any business will be in English.

Speaking English can be enjoyable and satisfying. The fact that you can talk and understand is fun and fulfilling.

By Sheila