Short Essay on Benefits of Books

The benefits of books have been forgotten over the years. Nowadays, people have daily reading habits. However, it is no longer about books or informative magazines. The great concern is on social media posts as well as tweets. Is that enough to call reading? What are the benefits of reading books instead? There is only one way to find out. Continue reading to understand them.

Benefits of books

  • As you read books, you get mental stimulation by keeping your brain engaged hence active. That reduces the chances of suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  • One’s work, relationships, and daily life can be stressing. However, a good read from a fantastic book can take that away.
  • In the process of getting lost in a book, that experience can be engaging to the extent that you become distracted and relax, eventually.
  • The wise men say knowledge is power. When I think of sources of this valuable commodity, I wouldn’t imagine a better choice.
  • Books expose you to many new words. As a result, you get to expand your vocabulary.
  • Being a way of acquiring new memories, here is a secret about how the brain works. If you create a new memory that will strengthen those that already exist. Therefore, books can improve your memory.
  • Books enhance skills such as analytical thinking. As you try grasping the smoothness of the storyline, you learn how to analyze
  • Some sugarcoat it as multitasking when it is the poor focus as well as concentration. If you are facing that problem, reading books can change that.
  • As you get to expand your vocabulary, you also improve your writing skills.
  • Books have a way of bringing tranquillity. They offer inner peace to people with mild mental illnesses as well as disorders.
  • If you are looking for free entertainment, you can count on books. They will not disappoint.


From knowledge to relaxation, you have enough reasons to consider reading. The benefits of books show why developing a daily reading behavior can be helpful. Embrace books for that and more.

By Winnie