Short Essay on Benefits of Cell phones

As days go by, the cell phones are becoming the new norm. The technology advancement is making them more useful, exciting and entertaining. Even though they are commonly used, not all people use it to the maximum. However, this article will change that. It takes a look at the benefits of cell phones. Keep reading to learn how to improve your current cell phone experience.

Benefits of Cell Phones

  • A cell phone is one of the best ways to stay connected always regardless of the time and place. Everyone in your circle is only one call away.
  • If you are not in a position to call, you have another option. You can use your cell phone to send a message. It is not only instant but also cheap.
  • In case of an emergency when in the middle of nowhere, a cell phone is your ticket out of the situation.
  • Are you lost? A cell phone that has a GPS system can help you find your way.
  • If you want to share videos, music, and pictures, look no further. Thanks to the likes of Bluetooth, a cell phone will assist you in that.
  • It is a source of prestige and a way of making a fashion statement. That is especially if you have the latest version of a particular cell phone model.
  • It is also a convenient source of entertainment.
  • With the tracking technology, cell phones help a great deal to locate a criminal.
  • Online businesses are booming because of cell phones.
  • Gone are the days when you needed a desktop to access the internet. Currently, a cell phone is enough.
  • They have made news readily available.


It would be a smart move to invest in a cell phone. The discussion above shows how that can do you good. If you have one, you have ways of using them constructively. You deserve to reap those benefits of cell phones.

By Winnie