Short Paragraph on Importance of Good Friend

Majority of us have friends or a friend that we can say knows you well. That good buddy to whom you can depend on anytime on anything. A true friend is genuine, sincere and, adds a sense of wholeness, purpose and, meaning to your life.

Here is the importance of having good friends:

Faithful and loyal

A true friend is someone who turns up, shields you and is there for you at all times.

Gives support

A good pal accepts you for who you are and encourages you to be a better you.


A real buddy is one that you do not need to build up walls. You freely express what and how you feel inside with no judgment.

Feeling loved

A genuine friend is one who makes you feel wanted, needed and that you matter in this world.

Lifts your spirits

Your great friend restores your dignity, morale, confidence and once again makes you have faith in yourself when you feel lost.

Fresh view

Real buddies guide you in the right direction.

Supports your vision and ambition

A sincere friend believes in you regardless of how far away your goals or how big your dreams.


You mostly get to know who your real friends are when you face bad times in your life.

By: Sheila