Why is Community Service Important? – Essay

Community service means tasks carried out for free for the public’s benefit. It is done for the benefit of others so the one doing the work needs not to benefit from it. It can also be termed as volunteer work although in some cases it is not always done voluntarily.

Community service work can be done for the homeless, old people, disabled people, children and society in general. Community service may include donating money to the red-cross, helping the red-cross collect donations, engaging in tree planting activities, donating old clothes to the homeless, cleaning up your local park and also participating in charity races and competitions.

All these activities and many more are done to benefit the society and hence should be widely encouraged.

So why is community service important?

  • Community service promotes unity. Helping people within your community builds a bond with them and hence promotes harmony within the area.
  • It can also help reduce cases of theft where homeless people have to steal to get food and clothes. Through community service they are provided with all these.
  • Through community service we are able to learn about our community. Aspiring leaders should learn as much about the society as possible through community service. They will then be able to know what the community needs.
  • Community service gives an opportunity of atonement for the prisoners or any offender.
  • The community will be able to accept them back into the society on seeing their efforts towards the betterment of the community.
  • Community service enables you to give back. We should know that the community resources we use are what has helped raise us and our families and hence through participating in ensuring their maintenance we give back to the society.
  • Community service helps people develop critical thinking skills. You are able to think of new and better ways to properly help the society.
  • Community service is usually done in groups and hence builds teamwork. You are able to learn how to properly work in a team without conflicts.
  • Community service helps in reducing stress and depression. By focusing more on other things and other people and also learning they go through the same troubles you do, you know that you are not alone and you will be able to deal with your problems better.
  • Community service can come in handy when you are applying for college or university. It is a great extra-curriculum activity to include in your application.
  • Community service helps you to network. Meeting people who have similar interests is always a good thing as they can be able to help you in future for example in getting a job.
  • Community service helps us to make the community stronger. Through supporting schools, families and the youths the community becomes strengthened.
  • Participating in community service builds our self-esteem and worth. You feel a sense of belonging to the society and hence you can be able to associate with the people around with no fear.
  • Community service helps students to practice what they have learnt in school in the real world.
  • Community service also helps in development of better communication and leadership skills among our children and also adults.
  • Time management is usually a skill required at work and school. It can be perfected through community service as some tasks may require deadlines. This will enable you to learn how to properly manage your time.
  • Community service helps to save resources. Community service saves the government some money and hence can be used for local improvement.


Community service is very important to the society. You might not be forced to do it but volunteering can help someone else live a better life. Community service makes our society stronger and more united and should be encouraged in schools and at work.

By: Darlia