Why Is It Important To Vote? – Essay

Voting means indication of choice either through a ballot or by show of hands. It can also be described as expression of an opinion, choice, view or will on a question. Voting involves electing, choosing or appointing a person to a position of power.

Many countries are democratic and hence give the citizens an opportunity to appoint their own leader or participate in decision making. Voting can be done in an election or referendum.

In an election, the citizens choose who will represent them in the government while in a referendum people are given an opportunity to individually participate in decision making by helping the government make a decision on a certain issue affecting them.

In voting the will of the people is to be respected. This means that the individual or politician with the majority of the votes wins the election.

The government should also respect the majority decision in a referendum.

Why Is It Important To Vote?

  • Voting ensures your views as citizens are well represented in the government.
  • It helps to remove from power politicians who have not done anything to represent your views and issues in the government.
  • Voting makes politicians aware that if they do not deliver on their promises they will be removed by the people. It keeps them in check.
  • Voting is your democratic right and therefore you have every right to exercise it when the time comes.
  • Voting enables the citizens to get respect from those in power within the government.
  • Through voting you give your family and loved ones a better life by electing the right leaders.
  • Voting contributes to economic and social development of a country.
  • Voting is the only way to ensure that we do not have dictators in power.
  • Voting sets a good example to the young generation. When the youths see that the older people are voting they will also turn up in numbers to vote.
  • Through voting you are able to make your complains with integrity and in a peaceful manner. Demonstrations may not be your thing and may lead to casualties so voting gives you a chance to complain in a peaceful manner.
  • You should vote because every vote counts. People may say that they only have a single vote but that single vote also counts.
  • Take a situation where thousands of other people also said When the right person wins the election you feel part of the win because you also contributed to it.
  • Voting gives you an opportunity to honor those people who died while fighting for this right. Not voting means that they fought for nothing.
    Some countries still do not have a right to vote and hence you having that right makes it a privilege which you should not take for granted.
  • The government uses your money to carry out their duties. Voting can help you control its use by electing the right people to rule.


Voting gives you an opportunity to effect change with your country. It is a right which in many countries had to be fought for and hence making it very important. Only we the citizens can elect the right people to govern us and ensure that our countries develop and flourish through these leaders.

By: Darlia