Why is Maths Important? – Essay

Maths can be described as the science of numbers. When doing maths we look at the operations, interrelations, combinations and measurements of these numbers.

Maths is a science because the formulas, values, theories and operations have been tested and scientific explanations behind them can be given. Mathematics can be grouped into branches.

The branches include; Arithmetic which deals mostly with numbers. Here we have addition, subtraction, division and multiplication of numbers.

The second branch is Geometry which deals with shapes and sizes for example solids, lines and surfaces.

The third branch is Algebra which is where we use alphabetic letters such as X to represent values which are unknown.

The fourth branch of mathematics is Trigonometry with deals with angles and triangles.

The fifth branch is Analysis where the much dreaded calculus forms a large part of its operations.

As much as people may think maths is a difficult subject it is actually very fun and interesting. Mathematics is applied all around the world hence showing just how valuable of a subject it is.

The importance of mathematics

  • Mathematics enables one to think and reason more deeply. Your problem solving skills are enhanced.
  • Mathematics quickens our mind. Often when doing exams you are required to solve mathematical problems within a short period of time.
  • Through this you will be able also deal with problems which require immediate action in real life much faster.
  • Mathematics promotes wisdom. People who have learnt mathematics become quite intelligent.
  • It helps when budgeting. Without mathematics one cannot be able to budget for things and hence may end up overspending or in debts.
  • Mathematics enables you to tell time more easily and quickly. You can be able to apply your knowledge of fractions to tell time on analog clocks.
  • It can help you make money. Mathematics imparts you with skills that can enable you to start and manage your business properly.
  • Mathematics can help you to cook better. When cooking ratios are usually applied for example you are required to add two cups of water for every one cup of rice. That is a ratio of 1 to 2.
  • Almost every career if not all right now requires some understanding of mathematics. Careers in health, engineering and science all require mathematical skills and knowledge.
  • Mathematics is all around the world and hence learning it can help you to better understand the world we live in.
  • Mathematics gives you a salary advantage over others. Usually people who have widely studied mathematics are paid more because of the knowledge and skills they possess.
  • Good mathematics grades help you to get a better college. Good colleges and schools usually consider the grade one has gotten in mathematics.
  • Mathematics can be very complicated at times and still one able to find a solution. This helps one to better deal with complicated issues and situations in real life without fear.
  • Mathematics helps one to be organized in real life. Some calculations in mathematics are usually complex and long and hence require you to properly arrange your work so as not to get lost on the way. This makes you a more organized person.
  • Mathematics has led to development of ground-breaking technologies and inventions. The internet is one of them. This just shows how important mathematics is. It has helped make things easier for us.
  • Mathematics also helps us to set goals. Through mathematics you can set a goal of how much weight you might want to lose during a certain period. You are able to calculate and see if these goals are achievable. 


Maths is a subject which is recognized worldwide and is very important. We apply mathematics either knowingly or unknowingly in almost everything we do in our daily lives. Learning maths may just be the key to unlocking the potential we have as human beings to change the world.

By: Darlia