Why is Spanish Important? – Essay

Spanish is a beautiful language spoken far and wide. It is sometimes referred to as Castilian having originated from Castilla in Spain and dates back to the 13th century.

It is a romance language developed from common Latin. Spanish is also an Indo-European language like English, German and French.

It is an easy language to learn for English speakers. Spanish is ranked as number two of the most widely spoken native languages on earth just after Chinese. English falls at number three in this category.

It is also the number three widely studied language in the world with English and French ranked as number one and two respectively.

Spanish is spoken as the official language in countries such as Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Mexico, Costa Rica, Mexico, Bolivia, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Venezuela, Equatorial Guinea, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and Ecuador. Most of the Spanish speakers come from Latin America.

Why is Spanish Important?

  • Spanish is a very widely spoken language around the world, making it just as important as English or French.
  • Spanish can help one better associate with core-workers. Your fellow workers may speak the Spanish language when you are working in their countries and hence knowing Spanish helps you understand them better.
  • Understanding Spanish may help you get a better perception and understanding of certain situations which other people may not and hence allowing you to make better decisions.
  • Spanish can help you connect with neighbors of Spanish origin. You can therefore be able to get help from them when faced with a challenge at home.
  • A large number of Spanish speakers dominate European sports and this goes to show just how Spanish is important. These icons like Lionel Messi, and James Rodriguez generate a lot of revenue for the clubs they play for and the outside countries they live in while playing. Understanding them may therefore be of benefit to the club and the country.
  • It is a much easier language to learn and also speak. The Spanish language is simple to pronounce and has easy grammar. This makes it a suitable language for an English person to learn.
  • Learning Spanish might come in handy when you are travelling to countries whose main language is Spanish. It makes it your trip fun and with less challenges.
  • People grow old and at certain stages we may begin to forget things. Knowing an extra language like Spanish helps our brain to remain sharp even at an old age.
  • Spanish enables one to learn the Latin culture through music, art and literature. Spanish music and poetry are usually very lovely and entertaining.
  • For businesses, there are a lot of customers around the world who speak Spanish and hence the growing importance of Spanish. This is a consumer base no business can afford to lose.
  • Spanish-speaking movies are thriving and winning awards. This shows the need for getting more talented Spanish actors. It also shows how much the language is being appreciated and recognized.
  • Spanish is widely used on internet platforms such as facebook and twitter making it very important as many people use these platforms.
  • The language gives you an edge over others when applying for work. Many employers in Latin America and some other countries usually seek to employ people who can speak Spanish.
  • Some people usually have family members and partners who speak Spanish. Learning the Spanish language helps one better communicate with them.
  • In the future a great number of people will be speaking Spanish according to research and most will be in the US. This just shows how important it is to be conversant with the language.


The Spanish language is a language spreading worldwide making it a very important language. It is a fun and easy language to learn. It benefits you in the job market and also helps keep your brain healthy. We should therefore appreciate the Spanish language and also try to learn and understand it.

By: Darlia