Essay on Save Trees

Trees play a crucial role on the planet. If trees were to be destroyed, and eliminated from the earth, human and animal life would be in great danger. Despite knowing this fact, certain individuals out of greed and selfishness destroy these invaluable assets. There is, therefore, an urgent need to take steps to stop further damage to trees thus ensuring that our environment remains vibrant. So, how can you play your role in saving these valuable assets?

How to save trees?

  • Make an effort to plant more trees to replace the old trees that die, or get damaged by heavy winds and storms. The number you plant should exceed those that are being destroyed.
  • Protect the trunks of growing trees using tree guards. This strategy will protect trees from machines during work or animals.
  • Try to plant trees that yield fruits. Trees which are not useful in farms are often cut off and the space used for other beautification strategies.

Importance of saving trees

  • To combat climate change; excess carbon dioxide from engines accumulate in the atmosphere leading to climate change. Trees absorb this gas preventing climate change.
  • Trees heal; when patient view tress, say, out of their window, they heal faster with minimal complications.
  • Creation of a beautiful environment; streets and parks are lined up with trees to create a peaceful, pleasing and aesthetic environment.
  • Purifies air; these nature assets absorb odors and pollutants and filter particles out of the air by trapping them with their leaves.
  • Conserves energy; trees planted strategically around a home can reduce summer air conditioning requirements by as high as 50 percent.
  • Ecological value; trees contribute to the environment by conserving water, supporting wildlife and improving the quality of air.
  • Memorial value; the strength, regal stature and long lifespan of trees give them a monumental element; they are living memorials of life-changing events.
  • Economic value; People are attracted to work, invest and even live in green surroundings. The value of houses close to mature trees is higher.
  • Practical value; practical applications of wood include as fuel. Dead trees can be used for cooking and heating.
  • Water conservation; shades from tree leaves and branches reduce the rate of evaporation of thirsty lawns.
  • Trees provide food; an Avocado tree can yield several nutritious fruits annually and only requires a small space to plant.
  • Generate income; fruits from community plantations can be sold to generate income. Landscaping also provides employment opportunities.
  • Reduce stress; when you take a walk in a forest with trees and green spaces, your blood pressure falls within minutes, and your heartbeat reduces and stress levels drop.
  • Prevents soil erosion; the roots of trees hold soils together as tree trunks slow down runoffs thus preventing land degradation.
  • Shield UV light; Trees reduce exposure to an ultraviolet ray that causes skin cancer by about 50 percent. Children in schools and campuses are the main beneficiaries.


Plat a number of trees every time you cut one and use the right fertilizer so that the tree grows optimally. Teach young people to protect and grow more whenever they can. This way, we conserve the environment, preserve the ecological balance and create employment opportunities among many more benefits. The benefits of trees resonate in every aspect of our social life.

By: Joni Kim