Essay on Video Games: Meaning, Advantages and Disadvantages

Video games refer to games played by electronically controlling images generated by a computer program, displayed on a monitor or any other display. The platform can be an arcade, computer, a console or even a smartphone. Video games currently form one of the primary industries of entertainment. Their advantages include arousing curiosity as well as
imagination in children. However, since they can be addictive, they have their disadvantages as well. Below is a detailed list of merits and demerits of this form of entertainment.

Advantages of Video Games

  • Video games enhance visual attention and boost efficiency in challenging tasks thus
    improving mental abilities.
  • They have therapeutic uses. They are, therefore, used in rehabilitative ways to treat
    people with problems of care.
  • The games streamline decision making since players develop the ability to figure out possibilities of an option.
  • Online cooperative games promote teamwork, sociability, and ability to solve issues
    together for adults and children.
  • Most of them promote the development of logic necessary for solving problems through riddles and puzzles.
  • Didactically, video games can be used to motivate young people to learn by incorporating fun.
  • Computer games promote solidarity, cohesion, a sense of belonging and cohesion within a group.
  • The interaction in the games enhances eye co-ordination and fine motor skills, particularly in pre-school children.
  • They relieve emotional and physical pain. Immersion in a video game changes to heart rate and vent out frustrations in a virtual world.
  • The games are a means of entertainment because they present a huge number of realities necessary to fight our daily boredom.
  • Playing computer games promote competence and self-esteem. As you overcome various challenges and levels self-confidence increases.
  • Computer games develop empathy because, in the case of group games, players must consider the consequences of their action on other players in the game.
  • The games that are played parents together with their children create bonding sessions increasing the time they spend together.
  • Video games form a good source of income to creators, distributors, and sellers. They also promote the sale of electronic devices.
  • The game allows players to develop quick thinking attributes, and nurture the ability to work under pressure.

Disadvantages of Video Games

  • The addiction that is commonly associated with computer games can lead to eye problems.
  • Computer games can prevent children from playground playing as they keep playing video games for long hours.
  • Aggressive and violent games have been found to increase the same attributes on the players.
  • Video games are hardly discussed and as such have negative effects on socialization with peers.
  • If not controlled computer games can adversely affect the performance of school-going
  • High-speed games cause attention deficit disorder and decreased concentration and memory.
  • Excessive exposure to computer screen cause sleep disorders(day and night overexposure create hypnagogic images leading to nightmares)
  • Some electronic devices used to play the games emit harmful electromagnetic radiations.
  • The constant use of hands while playing may lead to the development of carpal tunnel.
  • The hardware necessary for video games cost thousands of dollars taking a huge portion of your income.
  • Single player games can reduce the time that would otherwise be spent with family.
  • They have negative effects on the economy because adult players spend the time they would use to engage in income-generating activities.


Self-control and discipline will go a long way in helping you get positive effects benefits of computer games. Parents and caregivers should monitor children to ensure they do not overplay and get negative effects. Adults should also make sure they play during free times only.

By: Joni Kim