‘Save Energy, Save Money’ – Essay

The phrase “Save Energy, Save Money” highlights the importance of using energy efficient appliances to reduces your utility bill helping you save money. You still get the same lighting and heating results but the amount of money you will spend on bills will reduce significantly. In addition to the saving on bills, some efficient appliances last for long period of time. Consequently, you will save the money you would use to replace the gadgets. Energy efficient appliances also require minimal maintenance and hence save to time.

Energy Saving Tips

  • Keep the windows closed when your thermostat is running to prevent loss of energy due to circulation of air in your room.
  • Turn off devices and lights when you are not utilizing them, and make an effort to certified energy-saving lights.
  • Use the latest appliances like a microwave when you are warming food and not a stove that consumes a lot of energy.
  • Use rechargeable batteries for your gadgets like the microphone, remote control and torches and not the disposable ones.

Importance of saving energy

  • Saving energy saves money. Using energy efficient appliances translates to lower utility bills and hence less strain on your finances.
  • More and more people are connected to the national grid. This increases energy demand leading to the use of coal and oil, non-renewable sources, to generate electricity.
  • Using energy economically can lead to the invention of useful and exciting new ways of doing things, like refurbishing instead of buying new.
  • To maintain the natural balance we must take our position in nature’s process by using the type and amount of energy that makes sense and returning the rest to the environment.
  • Saving energy reduces pollution caused by the energy generation process. Pollution destroys the environment and the ecosystem.
  • When you save energy you also save time because reduced utility bills mean you need to work for shorter durations to cater for your needs.
  • Conserving energy reduces overall energy demand. Consequently, pressure on energy producing organizations is reduced.
  • The rising need for energy has necessitated the use of nuclear energy. This type is risky and can cause huge damage should something go wrong. You can do your part by conserving energy.
  • Some energy-saving strategies have short payback periods(less than one year). Thereafter, you get 100 percent profit on your initial investment.
  • Unplugging your appliances and switching off power to save energy protects the components from accidental power surge thus lengthening their lifespan.
  • The money you save after using energy efficient appliances allows you to buy products (thus creating employment) that will benefit you and your family members.
  • It increases thermal comfort. As you reduce droughts your home will stay warm without heating your room to raise the temperature.
  • Energy efficient appliances not only conserve energy but also require minimal maintenance and hence are less likely to break down.
  • Saving energy provides a great way to discuss environmental issues with your children. Your kids can easily appreciate the result.
  • Energy efficient homes have a natural light that has been found to be good for your eyesight and reduce stress.


To save energy save money, buy appliances that are labeled energy efficient, introduce drought in your home and replace old, leaking windows with energy efficient ones and your utility bills will reduce substantially. The resulting money savings will allow you to buy other important items. Saving energy allows you to teach your children valuable lessons about the environment and make your contribution to the reduction of carbon emission into the environment.

By: Joni Kim