Uses of a Laptop – Essay

A laptop is a battery or AC powered computer. It is typically smaller than a briefcase and as such can easily be transported and used in such small spaces as on airplanes, in temporary offices, libraries and at seminars. Also called, a notebook, the computer generally weighs less than five pounds and is at most three inches thick.

Laptop computers tend to cost more than desktop computers even when they have the same features because they are more demanding to design and fabricate. They feature displays that incorporate the latest thin film technology and hence are brighter and appear more attractive than conventional technologies. Due to its small size, low weight and high capabilities, a
notebook has many uses, some recreational others professionals. Virtual everyone needs a laptop; a student needs one to study, a businessperson requires it to interact with clients and so forth.

Uses of a laptop

  • Laptops enable you to do your work anywhere anytime. The Wi-Fi facilitates allow you to use the internet to interact with others in far off places.
  • You can use it to check emails and apply for job openings even when traveling from one place to another.
  • A laptop is used to conveniently create documents like letters, memos, and spreadsheets. Its high-speed enables the use of high configuration applications.
  • A notebook enables you to watch movies and listen to music either on CD’s and DVDs or, from the internet.
  • Notebooks have revolutionized art. They have transformed photography, from classical film to digital. Digital cameras currently utilize incorporate photo editing programs to output outstanding images.
  • It facilitates the transportation of huge personal files in softcopy form. With a laptop, you can carry your confidential information with your wherever you go.
  • It enables a student to take notes while in class, type assignments, share notes and tackle a project in groups.
  • You can also use a notebook to nurture your talent. Simply record yourself performing and upload it on the internet. Someone will notice your gift and guide you accordingly.
  • Notebooks allow busy moms and individual with unpredictable work schedules to work from home and earn some cash.
  • We use notebooks to search the nearly endless internet, download document templates and share our experiences with a global audience.
  • Applications like the Skype enable people to work remotely. This way, the computers save on money that would otherwise go to renting a physical office.
  • With laptop and internet connectivity, you can take a course that is offered at a far-off college. All you have to do is enroll in online learning.
  • It also allows you to stream your popular television programs while on the go. You do not have to forego watching the news simply because you are traveling.
  • By connecting you to the World Wide Web, the computer provides an avenue to air out your views, reach out to prominent personalities and find an organization that can help you achieve your dreams.


The portability, high-capability, and compact of a laptop, coupled with its reachable battery, make it one of the most useful electronic devices. It allows you to take your schoolwork, personal files, work or even hobbies with you anywhere you go. Use it to research about anything that interests you or even to shop online and you will be surprised by how much time and money it can help you save.

By: Joni Kim