Uses of Computer in Daily Life – Essay

Computers are electronic devices used to process data, solve various problems, store and retrieve information and execute calculations faster and more efficiently than humans. We use computers regularly in our lives for various purposes. Some of its uses include the conversion of raw data into useful information, processing massive facts at great speeds, to analyzing
and storing crucial information. So long as computers are being utilized for good purposes they provide very many benefits to human beings.

Impact of computers

To understand the importance of computers just take a look at the revolution in offline and online business, online business, online education, internet banking and online communication. Many of our daily activities are based on online products and services. Computers transformed from luxury items a few decades ago to items of necessity. Hardware gadgets and software apps are now essential in our day-to-day life.

Uses of computer in daily life

  • Personal usage; you can use computers to do online business, to listen to songs, watch movies or even to learn a new hobby and skill.
  • Education field; schools and colleges in various parts of the world use computers to teach students creatively and digitally with visualizations.
  • Business; with a computer with internet connectivity, we can start, run and manage a business. Various marketing strategies involving the use of computers also help grow businesses.
  • Secure data storage; these high-speed electronic devices enable users to easily store and share all forms of data.
  • Hospitals; computers provide many benefits to both the patient and the doctor. Hospitals use these electronic devices to create databases of patients that contain medicines and treatment records.
  • Banking Sector; financial institutions use computers to deposit client money faster and more accurately into the accounts. ATM cash withdrawals and deposits are examples of such uses.
  • Government offices; unlike in the past when we had to queue in government offices for hours to receive services, computers are now providing solutions with great speed and precision.
  • Pay bills; people currently use computers to shop and pay their utility bill at their convenience. This way, the electronic devices save time and money.
  • Social networking; computers enable us to interact, share and socialize with other people. The sharp increase in a number of followers in socials networks attests to increasing use of the gadget.
  • Marketing; computers with internet connectivity facilitate digital marketing, online advertising, and content creation and publishing.
  • Job hunting; besides using the devices to learn computer skills which can help them get jobs, computers can help such a person access the job sites.
  • Gaming; there are very many computer games that attract players from all age brackets. These games not only help people relax but also generate income.
  • Communication; Computers allow people located thousands of miles away to interact, share experiences and simply keep in touch.
  • Automobiles; computers are used in motor vehicles to provide accurate alignment of side mirrors, diagnosis of engine problems and to control safety mechanisms.
  • Accounting; many people are nowadays using computers to do the math, calculate their expenses and store the information safely and reliably.


We use computers in virtually all areas of our daily life; to order food, acquire skills, bank money and communicate with our loved one. These powerful electronic machines simplify our lives and give us speed and accuracy. They also allow us to carry out duties that would otherwise require many people or take too long to complete. Computers are, therefore, inevitable
in our lives.

Author: Joni Kim