Uses of Electricity – Essay

Electricity is a form of energy that results from the presence of charged particles, like protons and electrons. The charges mostly exist dynamically as electric current. This form of energy is broadly used to supply power to buildings, certain automobiles, electric appliances among many other devices. Consequently, electricity forms a crucial part of modern life.
We use electricity to light, cool, heat, refrigerate and operate computers, electronic machinery, and other modern-day gadgets.

The various uses of electricity provide comfort to people and serve as a means of entertainment. For instance Radio, cinema and television, some of the common uses of electricity, are popular sources of amusement. Electricity has had a huge impact in all aspects of the human life, including, communication, transport, medicine, and surgery. Besides, electricity use is continually increasing as more useful electronic devices are invented. Below are some of the basic uses of electricity

Uses of electricity

  • Electricity is used to carry out engineering and technical activities. Constructing certain materials and welding heavily rely on electrical energy.
  • A modern-day person enjoys a wide range of communication facilities thanks to electric energy. Communicating with loved ones several miles away requires this form of energy.
  • We use it to wash clothes, take shower and shave. This residential use of electricity accounts for nearly half of the total energy utilized globally.
  • Modern diagnosis and treatment of various illnesses are computerized. Many patients are receiving medical attention that is exclusively facilitated by electric energy.
  • Commercial use of this form of energy includes its use by businesses and companies for printing machines, computers, workstations and fax machines.
  • Currently, all entertainment programs require the presence of electricity. When a power blackout occurs in the middle of a show in a cinema, people become restless.
  • Electricity is used in all types of works and professions; from blue-collar jobs to white-collar jobs people require electricity to run some equipment so as to complete the task.
  • The construction of mega structures involves the use of this form of power, particularly because such structures require grills for gates and windows.
  • Electrical power has also impacted the food industry in many ways. It is now easier and faster to prepare food items using machines that run of electric current.
  • The use of electric current in advanced design and manufacture tools reduces wastage and increases precision in the manufacturing industry.
  • Innovation has led to the manufacture of hybrid vehicles utilizing electricity. Such vehicles are efficient and do not emit harmful gases to the environment.
  • Electricity can be used to power computers used to do online works thus helping people generate income.
  • This useful form of energy is used to acquire knowledge. Engaging in distance learning and using computers for research and study are good examples.
  • Training of pilots entails simulating real-life situations using powerful computers for safety purposes. These electronic devices utilize electricity.
  • Electric energy provides energy to a stoplight and street signs, enabling them to operate properly and hence power cities.


Electricity is one form of energy that people in the modern day would have a hard time living without. It powers virtually all the appliances used in various fields. It power air-conditioning equipment, machines used to complete tasks, means of transport and the different communication channels. There is, therefore, an urgent need to value this wonderful form of energy and find ways to generate it from renewable sources.

By: Joni Kim