Uses of Flowers – Essay

A flower is the reproductive section of the plant that falls in the category of flowering plants. The term is commonly used when a portion of the reproductive structure, or even all of it, has a distinctive color and form. Its biological function is to effect reproduction, normally by providing a platform for the union of eggs with sperms. Depending on the parent plant,
flowers may facilitate selfing or outcrossing, some, nonetheless, develop into fruits and seeds.

Due to its usually attractive and unique hue and shape, flowers perfectly embody function and beauty. Just absorb the beauty of any flower and you will be mesmerized by its appeal and smell. Due to their pleasing smell, flowers are used to manufacture perfumes like thyme, lavender, and rosemary. Their uses are however more many and include the manufacture of
drugs and to brighten decorations. Check out their uses in details below;

Uses of flowers

  • To purify air; air pollutants inevitably build up in your indoor space. Some flowering plants like orchids are effective as air filters.
  • Aromatherapy; Essential oils made from flowers are useful in enhancing mental and physical health leading to reduced stress and anxiety.
  • Gifts; they are used as gifts during special occasions like Christmas, anniversary, mother’s day and birthdays
  • Source of food; some flowers like rose petals, herb flowers, dandelions, and nasturtiums are both colorful and tasty additions to baked foods.
  • Symbols during certain events; in weddings flowers are used by the pride to signal their transition to womanhood.
  • Jewelry; pressed, dried flowers are embedded in clear resins to form bracelets, rings, earrings, and pendants.
  • Cuisines; a concentrated syrup extracted from the rose flower is used to make squash and rose creams, a conventional English confectionary.
  • Income; due to their characteristic beauty and attractiveness, some people sell them to make profits and earn an income.
  • Making beauty products; Jasmine, a special flower with an amusing fragrance is used to manufacturing beauty soap, perfume, and shampoo.
  • Party Theme; you can use them to create and maintain a placid theme in your important function. The flowers that can best serve this purpose are a tulip, moonflower, and lily.
  • Manufacture of drugs; certain drugs, both legal and illegal are made from flowers. A very interesting plant called peek-a-boo produce buds that when chewed treats a tooth.
  • Decorative purpose; Rose, loved by many for its simplistic attractiveness and poise, has many ornamental uses. You can grow it to embellish your garden.
  • Pesticides; Chrysanthemums contain pyrethrins. When dried and processed, they form natural insecticides.
  • Herbal teas; dried rose, chamomile, and chrysanthemum, when infused into tea, provide various medical benefits.


Flowers are arguably the most extensively used sections of the plant thanks to their beauty, form, and color. They have a special magic that will just make you feel good. In fact, scientists have found out that their smell and extracts of some of them have many health and medicinal benefits. So, consider planting flowing plants in your garden to take advantage
of the many benefits.

By: Joni Kim