Why is Courage Important? – Essay

Courage, according to the Cambridge English Dictionary is the ability to restrain fear. A courageous person is willing to a confrontation with something dangerous, unpleasant or even difficult. To start doing something that involves a lot of uncertainty, you need courage. The uncertainties can relate to the outcome or the consequences, the circumstances, whether you will amass the necessary support and the response of others. Our minds respond to these uncertainties with fear. You could experience fear of failure, rejection, loss, being along or even appearing foolish.

Courage and happiness

Courage is the attribute that will enable you to take action in spite of your fears; it gives you the power to put aside fear of, say failure, and make that first step. To attaining complete happiness you have to be courageous both in huge and small ways. Start by defining your personal beliefs and values and live by them. Be honest about that which drives you, what you believe in and what you fear. So, why is courage important?

Importance of courage in your life

  • Increases confidence level; courage boosts your confidence and enables you to take on huge projects. When you are courageous, another person will require a lot of energy to bring you down.
  • Gives you positive perspectives; the attribute allows you to appreciate unfriendly situations and look at a glass as half full.
  • Cradles actions; it allows you to validate decisions of courage consciousness as opposed to attachments that bring about the undesirable fear.
  • Uplift others; with courage, you can attempt challenging projects and hence have an opportunity to encourage others as they are trying.
  • Propel you to greater heights; employers, sponsors, and other organizations look for, hire and even promote courageous people. It can be an avenue for your breakthrough in life.
  • Gain admiration; people around you will notice that you have courage, and will, therefore, admire and try to model their character after you.
  • Promote spiritual growth; the more you exercise courage, the more your fear disintegrates. Eventually, you will attain inner maturity necessary for spiritual growth.
  • Brings happiness; formulating your policies and mastering enough courage to follow them will make you a happy person.
  • Gives you experience; courage enables you to take chances that you otherwise would not, and when you repeatedly execute the task your experience grows.
  • Reduces overconfidence; courage will help you to find the right balance between fear and overconfidence by thinking through everything.
  • Help you to utilize rare chances; a courageous person will step forward when a rare yet golden chance comes up.
  • Help you trust your instincts; bravery will help you trust your instinct (as well as other people).
  • Takes you places; it will enable you to leave your comfort zone and travel to unknown good, transforming places.
  • Gives you influence; as you take on challenging tasks and gain experience, other people will want to be work under you and follow your Promotes health sense pride; this positive type of pride builds and reflects an intrinsically motivating outlook with an I Can do.


Courage gives you everything you need to make it in life. It eliminates the negative aspects of fear, encourages you to explore your full potential and realize your life goals. The importance of courageousness goes beyond your personal development; it impacts even the people around you.

By: Joni Kim